Ebonyi Council boss constitutes anti-cultism taskforce.

By Mbam Ogodo, Abakaliki
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In a bid to rid the state of cult activities especially in the hinterland, the Executive Chairman of Ezza South Local Government Area, Hon. Sunday Ogodo announced that he has concluded plans to constitute ant-cultism taskforce to assist the council in its ongoing war against cultism.

The Chairman also disclosed that about 21 cultists from the council area have denounced their membership after the Traditional Rulers came together and placed a curse upon cultism.

He spoke during Amuzu town union June general meeting at the weekend. The Chairman who hail from the community said that in line with the state government's policy against cultism, the council is waging a drastic war against cultists and those who aid their activities in the area and warned parents to advice their children to desist from it.

He also said those who denounced their membership would be taken to church to be prayed for by men of God and called on others to toe the path of honor by denouncing the evil association or regret it.

He vowed that his administration will have nothing to do with a cultist unless such a person denounced his membership.

Ogodo also urged the people to continue to give him and the Governor of Ebonyi State total support, noting that Governor Umahi has done well for the people of Ezza nation.

He said the Airport project sited in the Ezza land was laudable and has marked the beginning of better things to come.

His words: "I classify cultists as men of underworld. They are criminals, murderers and rapists. Anyone that has a child who is a cultists does not have a child, because such a child could be killed any day any time.

"Today, where is our Liason Officer, Alijah Nwokwu? It is cultism that made him not to be here today, because he has been killed.

"We are also having similar cult activities in other communities in Ezza nation. But the message I want to pass across here today is that there is a decision already taken against cultists and their activities by our Traditional Rulers.I had to visit all the Traditional Rulers for them to come together and take the decision and by God's grace, that has happened.

"They have placed curses upon cultists and their activities in Ezza land. So, any son or daughter of Ezza who is part of cultism which has led to the continous killing of our children like fowl or you are the sponsor or agent and you refused to hands-off forthwith such a person has been cursed and may not be alive to tell the story.

"In like manner, all the Ministers of God from Ezza extration have also met and concurred with the Traditional Rulers and Government is also saying same thing.

"By the God's grace, after the curse was placed upon cultism by the Traditional Rulers, 21 cultists have denounced their membership. They confessed their ordeals as cultists and said there was no gain being a member and they are the ones saying it themselves. On Sunday, I will take them to church where they will be prayed for.

"Any person who is a cultist is not a material and I will not allow any cultist to be part of my administration unless you denounced your membership.

"By next week I'm going to constitute anti-cultism taskforce. I will draft into the taskforce some former cultists who have denounced as well as security agents and others who will tour the entire council area and make sure that all the cultists are fished out.

"By the time the taskforce work for like two months, cultism will be a thing of the past in Ezza South. I have to stand my ground to do it because I have never been part of cultism and I will never have anything to do with it.

"And no matter how highly placed you are, by the reason of the assemblage of the Traditional Rulers in the entire Ezza nation because of this issue, you are nothing before us. You are just like a grasshopper. We will handle and squize you because you are of no use to us.

"Our Government will tackle this issue headlong; so that our society will get better. You knew how our market (Eke Imoha) was deserted because of the activities of cultists who go from shop to shop to rob people of their money and other valuables?

"But normalcy has returned, because we have deployed our vigilante to secure the market and we will continue to cause them nightmare without apologies to anyone.

"So, go and advice your children/relations to stay out of cultism, because woe to anyone who will come to secure release of any cultist caught in the weeks ahead.