Re: The Unilag Crisis:  save Unilag From Sinking By Concerned Stakeholders

By Salauden Tajudeen
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The attention of the University of Lagos has been drawn to a publication in The Guardian Newspaper of Wednesday June 26, 2019 and signed by Messrs Charles Onyeaku (Tel. 08174474834) and Ayowole Akintayo (Tel. 08082187145) with the same e-mail: [email protected] .

The signatories to the publication claim to be representatives of “the entire interest groups of the University with members cutting across staff, parents/guardians, alumni, pensioners, taxpayers and other persons.”

There is no group, formal or informal, of the University of Lagos that cut across the classes of persons mentioned in the publication.

However, should the claim of the publishers be the case, it is expected that representatives of all the groups identified in the publication as stakeholders would boldly endorse the publication, but it was not so.

Therefore, it is most unlikely that honourable and respectable members of the University community, as claimed by the publishers of the media content in view, should still dwell on matters already appropriately addressed by the University Council, the National Universities Commission, the Federal Ministry of Education and the Procurement Committee of the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The report of the intervention of appropriate authorities on the so called Unilag crisis raised in the paid publication in the Guardian of June 26, 2019, is in the public domain and thus available to all stake holders.

In view of these, genuine stake holders of Unilag and the general public are advised to disregard the mischievous disinformation about Unilag contained in the publication. Unilagstill remains the University of First Choice and the Nation’s Pride and no campaign of calumny can smear the hard earned image of the great citadel of learning.

The public is hereby assured that the University will definitely unmask the authors and the exponents of the mischievous publication as well as their intentions.

Thank you.
Mrs. C. TaiwoOloyede,
Principal Assistant Registrar,
Communication Unit,
Corporate Affairs Directorate,
Office of the Vice Chancellor,
University of Lagos,
Akoka Campus,
Lagos Nigeria.