By Alexander Opicho
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We the liberated slaves
And the escaped slaves
And the Bombay Negro slaves
And the Cuban sugar farm slaves,
And the Caribbean plantation slaves
And the Yemen domestic slaves
And the American kitchen slave
And the concubine slave
And the eunuch slave
And the homosexual slave
And the domestic slave
And the re-slaved slave
And on the coffle-slave
And the self-slaved slave
And black child slave
Basked in the Jomvu bliss
A camp at the coast for the freed slaves
Worshiping the blue waters of Indian Ocean
In the north wing of the nefarious city of Mombasa
Under the blessed but fickle protection by the British

We’re madly Flapping and yapping like nidifugous squabs

Sending our mother-pigeons to yell
In dint of glorious freedom
From the slave dens, slave-caves, slave-holes
Salve-cabins, slave-ships, Indian slavers- dhows
And Arabic slavers-coffins, biers for the living,
for, we the living black slaves, We the Negroes,
As Arabs with long sten-impotent-gun
And Indians with dirty-foul-menial-capital
Looked on with jealousy, ogling madly, salivating
When our imperial freedom flourished, our black bodies,

Renewed, freshened and swiveled in new family mode
Where a child belonged to a parent, a parent to a child

But not each a property of the slave-master
A brutal slave-master with all diabolical choices,
To maim, rape, castrate, make eunuch, a concubine,
a gladiator or homosexualize my child, my father,
my mother, my sister, my brother, my daughter,
my son, my uncle, my wife, my husband, my life
Lo! Cursed are the God of Arabs and God of Indians,

most cursed is a black- man with slave-trading ancestry,

For the perfidy, macabre, brutality, inhumanity
And savagery of slavery they did on the black-man
Then they choose to live on without apology
Without shame, their memories very light in gusto of

The riches, black-Slave-made riches, ergo,
We now sing nKwangwangurukuuhuu!
We shall never be slaves again
Alexander Opicho writes from-Lodwar, Kenya [email protected]