Nigeria Under President Buhari

By Odimegwu Oneumere
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Nigeria under Buhari, where the creation of state police is seen as a taboo, but Almajiri Fulani fellows should be vigilante, not in the North, but in the Southeast. This is abhorable and abhorred. When did the federal security agents were replaced by ethnic security to guard a people they don't belong to?

Nigeria under Buhari continue to accommodate the unbearable. Instead of to arrest the supposed killer Fulani herdsmen, the presidency once supported killing by saying that people from all parts of the country should give up their ancestral arable lands to Fulani herdsmen for peace to reign. Abominable.

If this is the fate we have found ourselves under Buhari, can we collectively derobe him of his presidential status and make him a king? His body language in a democracy suggests he is a duke in a dukedom supporting and icing ethnic jingoism such that is now ballooning MIYETTI ALLAH to becoming a strong voice, even stronger than the National Assembly.

It is high time Buhari stopped the lackadaisical intimidation his ethnic Fulani group is bestowing on other Nigerians simply because he supports their voice.

Without a doubt, Nigeria is divided in no other time than she is divided under a Buhari government. Let enough be enough, else we all shall be heading to soak our blood in the ocean. Hooey.

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