Zulum Inuagurattes 15-man Committee on Sales of Governennt Houses

By Ahmed Abu, The Nigerian Voice, Maiduguri
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Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno State has Thursday inuaguratted a 15-man Committee on Sales of Owner-Occupier Housing Estates.

The Committee is headed by the Chairman Borno State Housing Corporation, Alhaji Ibrahim Usman Ngulde as Chairman while the General Manager, Borno Express, Alhaji Mustapha Ali Kori serves as the Committee Secretary.

The housing estates affected include 202, 505, 707 and 1000 which comprise of over 3000 houses.

Inuagurating the committee Thursday at the Governennt House Council Chamber Governor Zulum said governennt deemed it necessary and fit to constitute a committee to look into the issue of housting problems of civil servants with a view to sale the houses to the civil servants.

He added that as such, the chairman and members of the committee were carefully selected to carry out their assignment diligently and without fear or favour.

The govenror said that was the reason why civil servants, leaders of the housing estates and officials of ministries of land, housing, justice, trade and labour unions were included in the committee.

He warned that meanwhile, no allocation of houses should be done and Legacy housing estate is excluded from the sales while pledging to make Borno State Housing Corporation functional and effective by making the corporation responsible for the management of the estates, provision of shops, roads electricity and other facilities needed in all the governennt housing estates, noting that, the state government has the responsibility to provide facilities to the occupants of the housing estates.

Terms of reference of the committee he said include to determine the actual number of the occupants at the 202, 505, 707 and 1000 housing estates located along Bama, Dikwa r and Old Jos roads within Maiduguri city and stop issues of sales and conversions of houses henceforth, until the exercise of the Committee is completed.

Others include to stop backdating of housing allocations and further allocations, carry out their job with fear of God to determine the total number of houses to be sold by the government to the occupiers, to determine whether the actual occupants are civil servants or not.

The Committee is also to determine or assess the values of each of the 3000 houses accurately, to determine the modalities of payments by the beneficiaries, especially, the civil servants, submit report within two weeks from today Thursday and to recommend to the government any suggestion that will be useful to the governennt.

The Chairman of the committee, Alhaji Ibrahiim Usman Ngulde while appreciating their appointments as committee members, he said their appointment was a clear testimony of development and welfare of the civil servants in the state.

He assured the governor that the committee will justify the confidence reposed in them while urging the committee members to be committed and never to fail the governor.