WhistleB launches Resource Centre to help organisations complywith EU Whistleblower Protection Directive

By WhistleB
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Karin Henriksson
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EU has passed a law that will require many of Europe’s public and private companies and organisations to implement systems that enable people to report suspected illegal activities while protecting their identities. These whistleblower channels will need to comply with a specific set of requirements on security, response times, data protection and more. WhistleB is offering a simple, one-stop-shop for organisations to understand what they need to do. The Resource Centre will be continously updated on the adaption of the directive to national legislations.

The Europe-wide legal obligation to protect a whistleblower’s identity may be new but safeguarding those who dare to blow the whistle has always been at the heart of our secure system, says Co-Founder Karin Henriksson at WhistleB.

According to the new law, whistleblowers will be protected even if they decide to report externally. Organisations are therefore advised to do everything they can to encourage employees to report internally, so that they have a chance to address and correct matters within their own walls. Employees and other stakeholders are more likely to report if they can remain anonymous, trust the security of the system, and know that their messages will be taken seriously and handled by knowledgeable teams. These are some of the principles behind the requirements of the EU Whistleblower Protection directive, but they can be complex for organisations to unravel.

Some of the insights on WhistleB’s newly launched Resource Centre are:

• Website that simplifies the meaning of the obligations with tips and advice

• Checklist of readiness questions for organisations to ask

• Recording of a webinar on what the EU Whistleblower Protection means for organisations

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