On this day, four years ago!

By shamsudeen Ayeni

Four years ago, on this day, I was full of hope and expectations. I had expected the best for my country . For once, I prayed genuinely for Nigeria. I was eager to welcome the government of the people by the people for the people. My prayers were genuine. I was proud to be associated with a man I thought he had the interest of all Nigerians at heart. Under his watch, I told friends that one's religion, region, colour, language wouldn't count much. I joined Mr. President to promise Nigerians a real change once sworn in. I fervently prayed for a breeze of comfort and happiness to blow across the length and breadth of Nigeria. My ultimate expectation was that things would be done differently and perfectly for Nigeria.

On this day, four years ago, I had thought Nigeria would soon join the league of developed nations. I had thought in no distant time, Nigeria would be self sufficient in food production. I had thought no ordinary Nigerians on the streets would lack food, house, clothes to wear. I had hope for great transformations in the health and education sectors. I had also thought the lost glory of Nigeria would be brought back.

On this day, four years ago, I never knew cases of Boko Haram attacks would still feature prominently in our news headlines till date. I never saw coming, another level of security challenges. I thought no more dilly dallying with national issues. I thought no more politicking. I thought national interest shall overshadow personal interest. I expected a more organized, aggressive and compact government genuinely interested in solving our national problems. I thought things would now be based on merit and competence.

Ask me, I didn't envisage a government where all but one of the security chiefs would come from one region of the country. I didn't forsee a situation where the corruption fight would be skewed towards one party. I looked forward to a Nigeria where all those who had stolen from the nation would be dealt with according to the laws of the land, notwithstanding their party affiliations or languages. I expected a free, fair and just society.

But here I am today, not too happy because nothing has really changed. I am back to hoping and praying that things will get better. I am hoping this second tenure will bring all my wishes into reality. Right now, I hope Mr President can be for everybody and for nobody. I hope in this new dispensation, Nigeria will prosper, progress and work for everyone. I hope nepotism and ethnocentrism will be thrown to the dustbin in appointment of key officials. I also hope peace will reign in Nigeria.

As we enter the next level today, my wish is that only the competent and patriotic Nigerians will be assembled to work for us. I expect to see less drama, propaganda, deceits and in fighting. I want a friendly atmosphere, conducive for local and foreign investments, comfortable for all Nigerians. I hope we will have sincere and improved power supply across the country, more road and railway networks completed and constructed.

On this day, I dare say another history is about to be made. There is no time to waste anymore. More lives must be positively affected. Joy must be returned to our various homes. We must improve on our word rankings. The ones out there are not too good for any nation. Enough is enough! No more excuses, blame game! Make Nigeria work!

Happy Inauguration Day!
Shamsudeen Ayeni wrote this piece from Akute, Ogun State.

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