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Luth Now A Peeping Tom!

Source: Dr Tosin Akindele.
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I have been reliably informed that what is really a private discussion among resident doctors at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital has been peeped into, most uncharitably, leading the peeps to issue a query to one of the discussants on that score...

The badly worded document accused the doctor of insubordination among other things. This is what you get when doctors feel so busy as to hand over management of their professional affairs to charlatans who are mostly back benchers in the prose courses that their limited intellect can cope with!

The intellectual midgets who hold forth in hospital management would do exactly the same things to professors of medicine as they did to this resident! They steal monies meant for doctors' salaries or keep them in private accounts to yield interests, refuse to pay doctors while expecting them to work their knuckles off, and then issue lousy queries!

Similar scenarios play out in dealings with health insurance companies which expect doctors to seek and obtain authorization codes in dire emergencies lest they deny payment!

They call the shots in matters they are ignorant of, are ruled by profits, make tons of money and pose great danger to patients' lives and limbs!

And doctors even as they are forced to scramble for this messy arrangement, are harried into abject penury....


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