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Reappointment of #CrookedEmefiele Is Most Devilish Cabal Gang-up Against Nigerian Masses

By Dr Perry Brimah

When you see the Sinate and the Buhari 2 or 3 cabal team-up to anoint the covetous banker Goodluck Jonathan handpicked to head Nigeria’s central bank, you know the devil is in the details.

Since the impoverished Nigerian masses cannot rise up against the cabal, they need to pray. Because the cabal have won. Buhari and Nigeria belongs to the cabal. The cabal who Godwin Emefiele bows at their feet.

I can imagine what Emefiele paid and has promised to pay to secure his reappointment. We all remember how he bribed Buhari, Atiku, senators and the who is who when the Buhari administration took office, to quell disgust in him. Appointments for nephews and sons. <[a href="" target="_blank">]

Only God knows how many billions in subsidized FOREX Emefiele has promised the who-is-who in Buhari’s top cabal and in the Sinate to secure these next five years to plunder Nigeria silly. Yes we all know the FOREX subsidy scam that Emir Sanusi lamented about when Buhari took over, that creates billionaires every day in Nigeria while keeping the poor most desolate. <[a href="" target="_blank">]

Reuters reported in 2016 how Emefiele dashes Dangote hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidy scam FOREX discounts. <[a href="" target="_blank">]

It’s the same way he gifts all cabal money to remain in office and how he invests in them to reap whenever he retires. The scam is so simple: all he does is sells FOREX to them at discounted prices that the poor masses cannot benefit from. Immediately Nigeria’s billions are transferred to them.

The oil cabal continue to benefit from this FOREX scam, gaining billions in what was reported as “Secret exchange rate” to importers. This on top of the rebranded and secretly restored and expanded fuel subsidy, has made Nigeria’s billionaires so much wealthier as the Nigerian economy cripples and more masses graduate into poverty every minute.

Goodluck Jonathan’s central bank governor who tanked Nigeria’s economy and created and sustained our current recession, unleashing the worst suffering on the masses who are today the world record holders of the most poor nation, has been granted another five years. Five years to complete the transfer of all Nigeria’s wealth into the hands of the few cabal.

There is no nation in the world that embraces the types of policies Emefiele and this government who have blessed him, metes out on Nigeria’s wretched masses. I repeat, None! It’s a broad-day light ponzi scheme.

Stamp N50 looted from the poor daily to the tune of trillions.

In January of 2017, Emefiele secretly rebranded and restored the terminated COT as CAM, so called current account maintenance fees, to continue stealing N10 per thousand from Nigeria’s poor in everyday transactions. Money that goes directly into the pockets of the stupendously rich bank managers. Trillions are looted yearly from the pockets of the poor into the insatiable gullets of the wealthy bank owners in this elaborate, enforced illegal scam seen nowhere else in the entire world. Pure shameless robbery!

And we can go on and on. Emefiele allows the banks to continue to loot billions through all sorts of charges. Whereas everywhere else in the world banks beg and entice and reward customers to keep money with them, in Nigeria the central bank under its various wicked banker governors, established the so-called “cashless” policy to force Nigerians to keep their money in the banks, then sets up the banks to steal from every transaction and service rendered. A government enforced ponzi that enriches the wealthy few and impoverishes the millions.

I criticized the appointment of Emefiele since 2014 when Jonathan selected him. See an example, “ Peregrino Brimah: A bank’s man – expect higher charges with Godwin Emefiele as new CBN Governor ,” published in DailyPost in February of 2014. <[a href="" target="_blank">]

I predicted and rightly so that with Jonathan’s selection of a banker, a man from the banks, a bank cabal to head Nigeria’s Apex bank, the masses will continue to wallow in poverty, and oppression as he will continue Sanusi, another banker’s legacy of imposing illegal taxes on the masses in the benefit of the bank CEOs. I was right. I have protested against Emefiele since then with the result of a few recoveries of our bank-looted billions being made. A mere tip of the trillion-dollar iceberg.

And now Buhari, or rather the 2 or 3 men who run Nigeria and the viperous Sinate have granted him another five years. We are finished. We will all be slaves of the cabal, those of us that survive, that is.

So for these next five years, I predict:
More FOREX subsidy scams with the cabal continuing to buy FOREX at secret subsidized rates that we are not privy to, as Buhari told Aljazeera when they asked him why his daughters could get subsidized FOREX to school in UK, that “those who can afford it can afford it.” So shall the cabal continue to get a beautiful and bountiful head-start in the financial race of life, over us with N300, N200, heck, N1 per dollar secret subsidized FOREX rates to import fuel and their machinery and sell to us at exorbitant unregulated prices, the highest prices in the world.

More funny taxes from the banks; more charges for our account statements, bank card, transactions, for depositing, withdrawing and transferring our hard-earned money.

More CBN funding of politicians’ ventures and bribing of politicians and party members with jobs for their children, nephews and nieces.

More CBN permitted higher than the established exchange-rate conversions of dollars when Nigerians use their ATM cards abroad. Yes, perhaps you did not know that one. Under Emefiele when you use your ATM card abroad, the banks charge several Naira above the official exchange rate. They may charge you N370/USD when the rate is N360/USD. Thus they illegally rob Nigerian masses of billions and trillions every year while the cabal would have secured and transferred abroad to make their purchases their millions of dollars procured at rates of N300/USD from the same banks thanks to Buhari and Emefiele.

And heck, more Ikoyi stashes. Because the millions of dollars found in Ikoyi hoarded in the prosecution-immune Ayodele Oke and wife’s luxury apartment was not busted out of the CBN by armed robbers or "aljanu." The vault was opened by the central bank governor and that and all the other looted billions where driven out of the gates in bullion vans while the CBN governor signed it off and most definitely took his cut.

Nigeria’s world most poorest record is by no accident. And the man behind our poverty has just been rewarded with another five years.. The devil is king of the world, they say. No lie.

Dr. Issa Perry Brimah, Whatsapp: +234-903-420-3031; +1-929-427-5305; @CabalMustGo; @EveryNigerian; [email protected]

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