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Four boys land in prison after beating Up sex worker who declined sex without condom 

By Olawale Oyegbade, The Nigerian Voice, Osogbo

Four boys who are undergraduates in a tertiary institution in Osun state are cooling their heels at the Ilesa prison for beating a sex worker, Mrs Nifemi Olubayo mercilessly in Ede over an argument on having sex without condom.

The boys are James Oluwaseun, Abdulah Olamide, Samuel Okoya and Isreal Babatunde. Their friends and colleagues expressed worry that this might jeopardize their education if they remain in prison.

It waa gather that one of the boys who is 22-year-old at the weekend took the 30-year-old sex worker at Pavilion Beer joint in Osogbo, the state capital. The boy was said to have taken Nifemi to Ede, a neighbouring town.

It was also gathered that Nifemi is a housewife, mother of two children and she usually goes out on the streets at night to make money by having sex with men. The initial agreement between Nifemi and the boy was 5,000 before they left Osogbo.

When they got home, the boy was said to have insisted that he would have sex with Nifemi without condom which the woman reportedly declined. This led to an argument and when Nifemi was leaving in the morning the following day, the boy was said to have refused to pay the lady since they didn’t have sex eventually.

However, the lady insisted that she would collect the money since she spent the night and not having sex was not her fault. This led to an argument and three other boys who are friends of Nifemi’s client intervened.

In the process, the four boys beat Nifemi mercilessly over an allegation that he stole some documents in the house. The matter became police case and the boys were detained at Ede ‘B’ Divisional Police headquarter.

Nifemi was taken to hospital for treatment and medical examination over an initial claim that she was gang raped by the four boys. But the medical report indicated that she was not raped by the boys and that they only beat her.

At the police station, Nifemi was said to have requested for money and amicable settlement of the matter, saying that she was not interested in the prosecution of the boys. Meanwhile, some concerned citizens expressed concern over Nifemi’s plight was keenly monitored the case to ensure investigation and prosecution of the case.

The police charged the case to the magistrate court in Ede on Tuesday. The police prosecutor, Sergeant Samson Ibrahim arraigned the boys before Magistrate A.A Olowolagba.

The magistrate released the boys on bail but they could not meet their bail condition and they were taken to the prison.