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Boko Haram Terrorists Attack Magumeri Military Base, Destroy Property, Casualties Unknown

By Ahmed Abu, The Nigerian Voice, Maiduguri

Military and civil sources have said that scores of people lost their lives while others sustained various degree of injuries on Friday evening when gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram terrorists attacked Magumeri town of Magumeri Local Government Area of Borno State located about 25 kilometers away from Maiduguri city, the Borno State capital.

A local who is a resident of the town living near the market and close to the District Head Palace, Abur Zanna said, " the Boko haram terrorists entered the town at exactly 5:40 pm in a large convoy of trucks and motorcycles shouting slogans like, "Allahu Akbar" meaning, God is Great, moving round the town scaring the residents and making some residents to flee into bushes to hide or for safety as there are no villages close by".

""But they did not touch anybody or attack any structure in Magumeri town except threats and fear they created as most residents went into hiding in their rooms, locking their houses and some putting off light while only a few ran into the bushes but later returned unharmed except for minor bruises or injuries some sustained as a result of entering the bushes on their feet and legs especially, the children and the aged", Abur said.

Another civil source, a staff of Magumeri LGC who was in company of the LGC officials that visited the town to assess the situation with a view to assist victims and officials to know the extent of damage and casualties to security agents and the state government for further assistance and necessary action, Bakaka Modu said, "We are aware of the attack. We were told since Friday evening when they entered Magumeri but we can not come over immediately due to security situation till this morning when we are able to reach Magumeri town and went round the town assessing the situation."

"We found out that no structure was affected neither any body was killed or wounded as suspected during the invasion by the Boko haram insurgents. But a lot of damages have been done to the military base property and that is where the casualties should be.

" But the military officials refused us to visit the base to assess the extent of destruction at the formation which is located at about 3 kilometers away from Magumeri town outskirts northwards of the town along Magumeri-Gubio road.

"Normalcy has returned to the town since Saturday afternoon and both the military, police, civil defence and Vigilante CJTF have returned back to base and stations working.

"Things are under control as at the time we visited in Saturday afternoon. The situation is calm and everybody was advised to go about his or her normal businesses but to be extra careful and be on the watch out, especially, any suspicious element in their midst and report immediately any suspected movement of persons or object around to security agents nearest to them.

"We have since returned to Maiduguri as we operate from Maiduguri due to destruction of our secretariat by the BHTs which is yet to be repaired or renovated by the state government like those of Bama, Gwoza, Danasak, Gajiram, Askira/Uba, Chibok, Damboa, etc, " Bakaka Modu said.

A resident of Magumeri, Baana Mustapha told The Nigerian Voice on phone that the attack lasted for about three hours, with the Boko haram insurgents moving freely in Magumeri town till about 9:15 pm without any encounter from the security operatives , particulalry, the military".

“It is a lie. None of the soldiers and CJFT or police men was on ground when the Boko haram finally entered Magumeri town after they attacked the military base exchanging fire and RPGs.

"Both the soldiers and Civilian JTF ran away out of town or withdrew and went into hiding with the residents. They all were over-powered by the Boko haram Insurgents as they went into hiding during the attack'.

“The situation in Magumeri town now is confusing and worrisome. Nobody can tell you the number of casualties of both the military and civilians either killed or wounded", Baana said.

However, Military sources have disclosed to our The Nigerian Voice that the military later on Saturday morning regrouped and attacked the haram terrorists after reinforcement from Gubio town batallion headquarters which is located about 57 kilometers away from Magumeri town eastward of Magumeri town.

He said the Boko haram terrorists was chased out of town and ran into the bushes towards the north western part of Magumeri town leaving behind destroyed property and injured soldiers and maybe civilians which could not be ascertaind till now by the military or police.

Only the military can disclose the number of casualties and property destroyed by the Boko haram insurgents during the encounter. It is yet to issue statement.