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Atiku Is Coming 3

By Odimegwu Oneumere

#Atiku Is Coming 3
His gelatinous evident
Has put the All Promise Cancelled
Into jitters.

Now they're gesticulating
Over Atiku and running crackers

Running to overseas
For image polish

Hoodwinking the glebe
To believe all is well

When the killing decibels
Are heard across the country

When penury and poverty
Are the song on all lips

Measuring how loud
This failure has become

Measuring how loud
This deterioration has putrefied.

Their declamatory comments
Against Atiku

Places heroism on him
Ahead of them

Not pusillanimous
To roust the party

That exudes with
Roguish smile.

*Odimegwu Onwumere*
April 4 2019.