Why Kill Your "imported Wife?!

By Dr Tosin Akindele

Traditionally, Nigerian men have been observed to have a domineering disposition to their spouses. Many have ascribed this to their upbringing and a resultant mindset which leads them to view themselves as being superior to their female counterparts. Many men demand respect without commanding respect ...a state of anomy further perpetuated by indigenous and imported religious doctrines!

Our men used to marry Caucasian women who in the opinions of these men, were rather domineering to fit into the Africans setting. So, why not black women of American extraction? But these too were "no better" than their white counterparts, thought these chauvinist men!

So, Nigerian men started "importing" wives from their native lands into the Americas under the presumption that such "village girls" assumed to be more malleable, could more easily be bossed around. Until such women started mingling with the local Americans and getting thoroughly tutored in the ways of the Americas!

Many think the men are reaping the expected consequences of bad and ungentlemanly conduct while others think differently.

Hear a wailer: "A woman who was sponsored from the gutters in Nigeria into America...passport, visa, air fare...then school of nursing ...is terrible to treat her benefactor like her footmat! Any woman that villifies these men but supports these women would by Karma, have same misfortune visited on her son. People come on social media throwing

reckless comments about forgetting that one day, their sons would also be married!

These horrible women...accurately diagnosed by an intuitive observer as being propelled by their poor breeding and mindset. Their primary intent is to defraud their husbands. They do everything possible to "manufacture" a quarrel which they ensure is not amenable to settlement! Rest assured that recourse to American courts would appropriate to them all material items their husbands had strenously acquired in decades of hard work, literally stripping their men naked!

Their benefactors ...who opened their eyes! The fathers of their kids! Most of these bush girls ...prior to the upgrade they find so difficult to manage....had not seen the insides of an airplane! Sorry...I would reframe that statement. They had not seen an airport!

Do you know that Nigerian women in Britain have devised their own devious version of this fraud? These ones set their targets on the funds paid out by the British government to single mothers. Their motive for breaking away from their husbands is just so they would qualify for these payouts!

Then, societal forces started propelling their kids...now deprived of fatherly scrutiny....to start going into drug use, drug peddling, mugging, gangsterism, robbery....and either dying violently from gang wars, police action or rotting in jails!

This led the Metropolitan Police to organise summits where Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa cops in the corps were mandated to appeal to their tribesmen in their mother tongues on the risks of child norture devoid of a father figure!"

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical doctor and public affairs analyst.

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