Don't Take Youth Calmness For Granted, IYC Warns Bayelsa House Of Assembly ( BSHA)

By Kenneth Orusi, The Nigerian Voice, Asaba

Members of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly (BSHA), has been cautioned not to take the silence of youths in the state for weakness.

The warning is coming on the heels of a law to give life pension for past, present and future lawmakers in the state, an act the people said is alien to them.

A press statment Saturday, made available to The Nigerian Voice, and signed by the Speaker, Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), Mobile Parliament, Rt. Hon. Eldred Digimie Pogonyo, who handed down the warning, charged them to have a rethink in the purported anti-people act of forging an alien law such as "life pension for past, present, plus future legislators" of the BSHA.

He said if the Bill scales through, "is geared towards serving their myopic, parochial, inordinate, selfish ambition and ulterior motives".

The Speaker emphasized that, the mere thought of the legislators, to contemplate such "draconian cum inhuman act" against Bayelsans after riding on the back of the people to position of affluence and authority, and to unilaterally apportion a chunk of the state treasury to themselves, is indeed an affront on the psychic of the people, "it is not only vexatious, but goes to tell all and sundry that, they have deliberately decided to fail the mandate bestowed on them, to make laws that will better promote the Bayelsa Business community as friendly to attract investors, laws that protect our ravaged environment, laws that will create the enabling environment for young Bayelsans to meet their full potentials, laws that provides social security for the common people, laws that protect the interest, safety/wellbeing of our people, laws that will prompt IOC's to establish their operational base here in Bayelsa, as well as, laws that safeguards the sanctity of our collective patrimony cum Treasury for generations unborn".

In his words, the Speaker opined that, "for our elected legislators, whom ordinarily, are supposed to be the life-wire cum direct bridge of the people to government, as the sole symbol of a representative democracy, to wittingly carry on such unholy act, that parallels the yearnings of their constituents without due consultation, is a joke taken too far, which goes to shows their level of insatiable greed, high handedness and utter disrespect of the people they are elected to protect.

"The thought in itself, is diabolical and sacrilegious, again, the act of usurping tax payers money, in the guise of sitting allowance, to deliberate on such devious concept, amounts to what I can best describe as, represetatives rascality, gavel impunity and Legislative Terrorism, which is a gross misconduct, an aberration and dereliction of duty".

Pogonyo, cautioned that, the simplicity/calmness of young people in the state, as enjoyed by the restoration government for over seven (7) years, should not be taken as cowardice and for granted.

He reiterated that it was instructive again, "to remind ourselves, especially those holding political offices that, their privileged positions, is as a direct payoff result of concerted efforts, sacrifices and agitation carried out by noble men, women and youths in the Ijaw struggle, hence, the BSHA does not have the legitimacy to bequeath or arrogate for themselves that piece of obnoxious legislation.

The Speaker continued: "I hereby state unequivocally that, by the powers conferred on me as the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the Mobile Parliament of the Ijaw Youth Council, Worldwide, I call on the mention of good conscience, civil liberty cum social justice and youth activism network groups, the BSHA, leadership of the Restoration government, federal government of Nigeria, the international community, critical stakeholders in the Bayelsa State project, security agencies and the intelligence community, to prevail on the Bayelsa State House of Assembly to refrain from and stop forthwith, the passage of that evil piece of draconian legislation, which is intended towards allegedly looting the state treasury and consequently an entrapment of the destiny of generation of future Bayelsans.