Ajé Gives Osun Producers a Gateway to Global Trade

By Tunde Mogaji
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Ajé, Africa’s emerging online marketplace for locally sourced goods, launches to help Osun farmers, traders and artisans, sell their goods with ease to millions of buyers across Nigeria and beyond.

With the mission of powering prosperity for Osun businesses through trade, thousands of businesses and their wares have so far been on-boarded unto the marketplace service for FREE.

Ajé has a large base of trusted and quality local farmers & suppliers from Osun, connecting them to buyers across Nigeria and beyond. The goal is to provide a trusted platform to facilitate trade securely and seamlessly for thousands of buyers and sellers.

Offering products ranging from Home/Office furniture, Food items such as Organic Farm Fresh Vegetables, Tubers, Fresh Fruits, locally processed essential cooking oil, Organic seeds and Grains amongst others, Ajé is poised re-define the marketplace by democratising access to market linkage for micro businesses often excluded from traditional marketplaces.

For Farm Fresh or locally sourced products from Osun, look no further than the trusted Ajé marketplace - www.ajemart.com