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The Chameleon

By Osobu Suuru Alexander
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A thousand clothe
The rack-sack
On a million times
It changes outfit

At freewill it picks
Changing characters
Within a jiffy

At sunrise
The best of leader
The light shines
The eyes illuminate

Under the shadow of
Drawing the daggers

Truism manifest
No hanky-panky
A rabid bigot

Gummy to Iroko tree
Like motionless

A source of
African nightmare
Ambuscading its prey

The act of genocide

The minority
Voiceless amidst
The drowning water
Armageddon in Nigeria

Throne of authority
Conversely oppressive

Time of day and night
Sign of sun and moon
Season of planting and harvesting
A catalyst to colour choice

Our Chameleon in wolf skin
Cloaking in
Sheep fur