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Did Nigeria Really Re-elect A Tyrant Stone Cold Killer Dictator?

Source: Dr. Perry Brimah

I stepped down from the presidency race because it was clear that at last Nigeria had several great new generation choices for its next president. Unlike some times in the past, in this election there were over 70 candidates of which more than half were bright new and brilliant, progressive citizens with no blood or history of theft on their hands.

I was hopeful the populace would choose one of these refreshing new choices over the expired and rotten old hands, but alas I was wrong.. While I doubt the election results, about 20 million Nigerians voted for Buhari and his pal, Atiku. Under 300,000 voted for the decent new patriots on the list. Apparently over 10 million voted to re-elect Buhari. What can I say.

While voter apathy was the winner in this election, with only 20 million of about 80 million registered and able, participating; that over 10 million did vote for Buhari makes shivers run down my spine.

Yes, Buhari was successful in chasing away most voters from the polls. His last minute terror threat to kill ballot snatchers in violation of the law, did its part in scaring away decent citizens who loved their lives from polling booths manned by the blood-thirsty, trigger eager Buratai and armed soldiers unfortunate to be under his command. Buratai unapologetically kills innocent Nigerians even without Buhari's public command; who will go to the poll when Buratai has been prompted with Buhari's open public blessing? But while the voter apathy is explainable, how do we explain the 10 plus million who did vote for Buhari? Who are these people?

Are they deaf, that they did not hear about the TraderMoni voter buying with public funds scam?

Are they blind that they did not see pictures of the broom at the gate of Abuja FCT?

Are they heartless that they did not feel the pains of the hundreds of innocent Nigerians massacred by the army under Buratai from north to east, typically secretly mass buried in the middle of the night?

Are they deaf, they did not hear the wailing of the people of Benue, Plateau, Borno, Kaduna, Katsina and the entire nation, all victims of Buhari and his fellow cabal usurping the police as body guards of the wealthy cabal, hence leaving the nation under-policed and at the mercy of all forms of terrorists?

Are they too rich they do not feel the pangs of the growing poverty as Buhari's friends plunder double what the cabal used to under Jonathan with the new doubled fuel subsidy and secret cabal FOREX subsidy on top of that on the same single commodity?

Are they so insensitive they do not care that under Buhari Nigeria topped India and now has the most poor people in the entire world?

Are they so self-loathing they do not care about how Buhari has divided Nigeria, even importing the Sunni-Shia wars to our dear nation, dividing his very north for the first time, and that they do not see how he breathes nepotism and classism?

Are they so impure, they cast votes for Gandollar-hugging Buhari the friend of thieves who according to the Bible hates his own soul, hearing cursing and bewrayeth not as said in Proverbs 29:24?

Are they so immoral, they did not care that Buhari only brought up the cases against Ikoyi stashed millions Oke and wife and accused IDP looter Grasscutter Babachir, when his re-election was on the balance?

Another four years to be wasted on top of the four that just went down the drain.

The good thing is that the Buharists and Buharideens (worshippers of Buhari) will no longer be able to tell us that the reason wia wia wia wia wia today is because of the previous four years of the rule of APC's protected and incorporated PDP palls. Now the previous four years they will blame will be of their APC, if Nigeria survives till 2023.

I understand people like Keyamo who goes around distributing millions according to recent Our mumu never do tapes and why he promoted Buhari...and I understand other popular likewise paid social media hacktivists. They did it for personal gain...but who are these people that voted for Buhari? I really want to know. Did you see them at the polls? Someone please tell me who they are.

Dr. Perry Issa Brimah, Whatsapp: +234-903-420-3031; +1-929-427-5305; @CabalMustGo; @EveryNigerian

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