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Nigeria: A Democracy Without Opposition

By Shamsudeen Ayeni         
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My heart always bleeds for this country. When democracy was conceived, it gave room for checks and balances. It also gave birth to opposition. When and where democracy is practised without opposition forces, such is nothing but autocracy. May we never have a Senate in Nigeria where all the members will come from one party. I pray to God to never allow such curse or mistake happen in my lifetime!

Our democracy must never be reduced to a Tea Party. The people must resist such temptation of leaving all members of their State House of Assembly in the hands of one political party. Doing so will be tantamount to democratic nuisance. It must be avoided by all costs. Democracy is not a family affair, apologies to Obasanjo. The people of any State where such democratic taboo has taken place should note that they stand a chance of losing more from the polity.

2Baba, in one of his songs talked about how life would be boring, uninspiring, disgusting if this world had been created for one person. God created us enemies, partners for a reason: TO CHALLENGE US! In some rivalries or fight, we learn some lessons. The writers of our Constitution never thought of any political assembly or gathering without oppositions. That is why we find office like Minority Leader of a House which is solely left for the opposition party! It is therefore, ludicrous and fallacious to think that when we allow one party show in our House of Assembly, things will be better! Not even in the hands of Nigeria's political buccaneers, whose only interest is to milk the country dry.

With this belief, I commented on a friend's post about the victory of the people of Kwara over the long established political dynasty of the Sarakis. I sum the whole event as OLE GBE OLE GBA ( thief carry am, another thief collect am). That is our politicians for you, especially between the two major parties. And one lunatic accused me of hypocrisy and bla bla bla... I chose not to reply her because I don't like drawing unnecessary attention on another person's wall. I moved on. For me, I am indeed happy over what has happened. Freedom, liberation, there is nothing like being freed from your masters. The victory deserves every celebration.It was like the people of Kwara State read Robert Greene 's 48 Laws of power before voting on Saturday. One of the laws reads: "CRUSH YOUR ENEMY TOTALLY. The enemy will recover, and seek revenge. Crush him not only in body, but also in spirit". This is exactly what the people did to Bukola Saraki.

However, in doing so, another big mistake was made. They put all their eggs in one basket by voting for one party. They chose all their Senate seats, House of Representatives seats, Governorship seat and House of Assembly seats from one party. This is not the spirit of democracy. Nigerians made similar mistakes in 2015 when out of our desire for change, we voted for shafts and grains, jackals and hyenas, patriots and parrots. We are still in the mess till date. Kwara is not alone in this 'penkelemesi'. The almighty Lagos State made similar mistake. No elective post was given to the opposition. Lagosians forgot that Lagos cannot be where it is today without the help of opposition.

One party will therefore be playing the role of majority and minority in the House of Assembly! The era of lobbying in the House of Assembly which is the icing on the cake is gone. Everything will now be pre-arranged, pre determined and executed by one party. This is what we should expect in a monolegislative House of Assembly! On this note, I congratulate Lagosians and Kwarans for a job well done!

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