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Guber Polls: Yakubu Mahmood Should Be Stripped Of Professorial Title: - Says Huriwa:

To petition COAS:
By Human Rights Writers Association Of Nigeria (Huriwa)
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Following spectacular but deliberately ochestrated breaches and alleged violence unleashed on voters by armed security forces in parts of Nigeria and especially in Rivers State whereby collation centers were invaded by suspected armed thugs and guarded by armed security forces to destroy or cart away election results, a call for the withdrawal of the Professorial title of Yakubu Mahmood the Chairman of the IndependentNational Electoral Commission (INEC) has been made. The election has also been described as sham and the shameless desecration of democratic values.

A prominent Non Governmental organisation - HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) which made the call in a statement against the backdrops of reported sporadic violence and bliodsheds that characterised Saturday's governorship polls across the Country has also asked the outgoing National Assembly to investigate the Independent National Electoral Commission to uncover why the management staff unduly conducted a floored and fraudulent election in which the armed security services were allowed to deliberately attack leaders of the leading opposition Peoples Democratic party (PDP) IN PARTS OF NIGERIA Including the outright refusal of the armed forces to allow accredited agents of the PDP into collation centers in Rivers State. The interference by armed security forces in the actual conduct of the polls has been described as coup plot and high treason.

HURIWA which also commended the pronouncements of the Chief of Army staff Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai to investigate alleged violations of the rules of engagement in internal security operations by some Army operatives who were videod invading houses of leaders of the Peoples Democratic party in Rivers State and also reportedly captured by video stealing with the force of arms the results of some of the elections in some Local government areas of Rivers State. The forceful take over of the INEC COLLATION CENTER IN PORT HARCOURT BY THE ARMED FORCES HAS BEEN DESCRIBED AS TREASON.

However, the Rights group has asked categorically that those armed security operatives captured on photos perpetrating violence and anarchy during the polls should be tried for attempted coup plot because their criminal actions are tantamount to staging a military take over of the democratic process in parts of Nigeria which must never be swept under the carpets to avoid an imminent implosion and ultimate collapse of constitutional democracy.

"The brazen criminality by these shameless men in uniform must never be tolerated by Nigeria and the chief of Army staff Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai who is a consummate professional must never allow his legacies to be tarnished by these actions of some bad elements embeded in the Armed forces of Nigeria. We will get in touch with the Chief of Army staff Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai by way of a petition to table before him some damaging evidences our people generated from the fields showing some bad elements armed with weapons bought with tax payers money to unleash violence of unmitigated dimension. We are hopeful that the highest military authority are aware that the eyes of the international community is on Nigeria. We will also petition the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to record our displeasure and strong disapproval of these acts of criminality perpetrated by armed security forces invited by cabinet level mimisters in the current administration".

HURIWA which asked that the very Universities should revoke these titles of professorships on INEC chairman and most of those Returning officers who supervised the travesty of justice committed by INEC during the two sets of elections that have just happened following the absolute manipulation of the elections and the ethical challenges trailing the actions of these academic professors show that they are not deserving of these high honour since by their actions they have demonstrated the total lack of honour that ought to be associated with holders of the prestigious academic title of professors. HURIWA has also called for the resignation and prosecution of INEC chairman for attempting to drag Nigeria into a state of civil war by deliberately messing up the electoral process.