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Adebayo Alao Akala: Profile Of A Consistently Inconsistent Politician

By Alaba Abdulrazak
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An apt description of the events in Oyo state in the last one week has further buttressed the fact that in politics especially the one we practice in this part of the world; there is no permanent friend or enemy but only permanent interest exists.

Members of the public are often deceived into believing that politicians especially the ones with history of betrayal and treachery have anything good to offer. In the minds of these inconsistent politicians, it is all about interest and changes in perspectives.

This scenario is currently playing itself out in the politics of Oyo state as Alao Akala has decided to jettison his governorship ambition to support the candidate of APC, Adebayo Adelabu. By this action, Akala has once again shown that he is not a man to be trusted and no amount of washing can remove the spots on leopard skin.

It is unfortunate that some people are born not to stand for anything and surely they must fall easily for anything.

Akala claimed that he decided to support Adelabu in the interest of people of Oyo state. Haba! ‘Mr ATM’, please stop it, this is not only laughable but a great insult on the collective intelligence of Oyo state people.

You can only fool people once; you can’t fool them all the time. I’m particularly saddened that many candidates under your party, ADP will have their dreams shattered because of the action you took for your own selfish interest. You are not doing this in the interest of anybody but your own ‘fucking’ interest.

I really can’t blame you; I blame the people who still see you as a sort of messiah. Poverty of idea and principle are the foundation of our problems in this country. And that is why people like you will continue to play God in the lives of some myopic people who believe that their entire existence revolves around you. Bandwagon followership is the reason why somebody like you and some other politicians will continue to take Nigerians for granted.

It is not unremarkable the level at which Akala has decided to sell his conscience for self survival, but it is just so disheartening that after holding steady and drawing the admiration of many people in Oyo state, especially in Ogbomosho he could stoop so low as to even begin to accept to work for somebody he once described as neophyte in politics. This change of fortune and hard time are not really good for ‘Oyato Gomina’.

Here is something Akala must realise as he accepted APC proposal: APC is more or less like a common prostitute. She does not want to be a ‘permanent bed partner’ to anybody. So Akala should continue to make a mockery of his very existential reality.

Oyo state people were happy when the news first filtered in that opposition are having a near-perfect working partnership that will make it possible to support a candidate for March 9, gubernatorial election in Oyo state. But now greed reigns in Oyo. Betrayal is the order of the day and the once vocal Akala has been silenced.

Akala should remember that one day; the chickens will come home to roost. Over the years, we have seen what has become of political prostitutes and inconsistent politicians.

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