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Alleged Mandate Fraud (A Nation in Ruins)

By Dr Anthony Chuka Konwea, PE
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There cannot be genuine peace without justice.
My candid advice to the PDP's Presidential Candidate Atiku Abubakar if he strongly feels that he is a victim of mandate fraud, is to remain calm. If Atiku genuinely feels aggrieved, he should hold steadfastly onto his and the PDP's assumed ‘authentic’ polling unitsresults and not concede defeat just yet.

Atiku Abubakar should patiently allow INEC to complete the declaration of the 'official' results, covering all the polling units in Nigeria without rocking the boat.He appears quite sensibly to be doing so already.

Political Science is much advanced today. It is relatively easy to establish where the truth lies between Atiku's alleged "authentic" results and INEC's official results by subjecting both sets of results to detailed and rigorous electoral forensic analysis. Both sets of results cannot be valid. One of them must be fake and false. The fake and fraudulent set of results among the two can be quickly exposed using the latest electoral forensic tools by leadingpolitical science experts.

Atiku will naturally be forced to concede defeat if his and the PDP's assumed set of results is proven to be fake. He must then be prepared for the opprobrium associated with willful deceit. If on the other hand INEC's official results is proven to be fake and manipulated, Atiku should reclaim his mandate.

This is perhaps the reason why the US Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington sensibly advised no party to claim victory (and if I may add, concede defeat just yet) until the complete set of results are officiallyreleased and a winner declared according to the electoral law. Then and only then can the genuine set of results be validated and vindicated between the two contending sets of results.

Nigeria must get it right this time. Only the truth shall set Nigeria free. The world is watching as this Nigerian drama plays out to its logical conclusion.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!