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Nigeria, is Buhari still Relevant?

By John Egbeazien Oshodi, PhD
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“I am doing my best now to utilize our resources to develop the country. We are already getting results on road, rail and power. My frustration is that some people still have plenty stolen money stashed in Europe, U S and other countries,” November 12, 2018 in Paris, France. Guess by who?

Within the psychology of nation building, the ordinary people and not the elites understand what they need and who is likely to work openly and, sincerely for them in a targeted manner. Many have described Muhammadu Buhari, as a sitting President with extreme ill health, tribal and religious behaviors. Objectively, no one can show that he is a man of full disability, ethnic hatred and religious intolerance. Especially when one study his current Cabinet as it fully reflects a decent representation of Southern Senior and Junior Ministers.

Currently the nation has realistic social and economic programs through humanitarian policies and across the country, many poor children now go to school knowing they have at least one square meal a day. In recent times in addition to the targeted care for the poor, the elderly and the unemployed for many now have stipends to live on. In a truly developing context of a young democratic nation there is now available motivational and start-up loans that are interest-free which inspire people to develop themselves economically and commercially.

In security, unlike the wide power the Boko Haram aggressors had before 2015, the people remember at a time when the north was not only under the eyes of the Boko Haram but also their movement to the Southern part of the country was imminent.

While no human is incorruptible, the ordinary people of Nigeria are witnesses to the chronic effects of corruption in the likes of deep poverty, enduring diseases, neglected bad roads, unreliable public health and transport systems. Now realistic progress is seen in such areas as transportation, aviation, and railway.

Unlike the last 16 years, the open and naked stealing of government resources for personal use have reduced thereby slowly contributing to developments in the areas of infrastructure for Nigerians. Now the people are openly seeing ground-breaking convictions and imprisonments unlike prior to 2015, and these unique records now include corrupt judicial officials.

The people now see more resources in the areas of agriculture (increased farming and food processing) and for the first-time meaningful relationship between the federal government with the States and the Local governments and retirees are receiving more attention regarding payment of their salaries and pensions. The Nigerian people know very well how the long-standing disruptions in oil productions, with exports, and distressing floods, and aggressive progress is being made in these areas. Now that the standards and structures of educational institutions are receiving attention even at a time when the oil windfalls were more obvious.

The war against terrorism have been reinforced with new weapons and better military hardware, and there is reduction of abduction and kidnapping in many parts of the country.

The people have seen the full realization of the treasury single account that help to consolidate all inflows from all agencies of government into a single account at the Central Bank of Nigeria, thereby reducing a significant source of public service corruption. If the people wish to see the common fewer hand holding the government less hostage, then Buhari could matter more in the future. In the coming days a stubborn strongman and an unbelievable goalkeeper is needed in a tense and vulnerable society dominated play for a play by a few self-serving power and money drunk individuals, and that stubborn person is President Buhari.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a professor of digital based Human and National Psychology at the Transatlantic Enrichment and Refresher Institute, a global elearning lifelong educational project with a focus on Africa. [email protected]

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