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Election And The Future of Nigeria

By John Idumange
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As we inch close to the general elections, we should be weary of the centrifugal forces of pull and tear. Some political pundits see it as a battle between light and darkness.

Only a couple of years ago, Nigerians bought a bag of stallion rice at less than N11,000, now the price has doubled even when the spin doctors want us to believe that Nigeria is self-sufficient in rice production. As at May 2015 N199,00 exchanged for $1. Now under the present administration it is N370, 00 per $1, yet those who have masticated their conscience shout on the roof tops that there is economic prosperity. Needless to talk about the pump price of PMS, which was N86.50k. We now buy it at N145.00 with huge subsidy paid to the suppliers.

The high cost of doing business in Nigeria has driven 252 companies out of Nigeria. We can now understand why the unemployment has quadrupled and more people are in the colony of the acutely deprived.

Insecurity now walks on four legs and even the military infrastructure is not spared the agony of insurgency attack. The blood of a cattle is worth more than that of humans. Like blood sucking demons, these sons of Futta Djallon, maim, kill and make and feast on the graves of translated.

While the economy is bleeding, the President who doubles as the Miinister of Petroleum cannot find the N91trillion missing in NNPC. Our external debt now stands at N24trillion but the cruel cabal is trying hard to make Nigerians believe that El-Dorado is near. This is vile trickery and the most unkind prependal politics. It is megalomania yet unknown even during the Third Reich.

We need peace and good conscience to vote the people that will either rail-road the 180 million to the Next Level of anomie and poverty or people that can make NIGERIA work again. Here lies the binary option.

We cannot abdicate this historic burden, It is our burden AND WE MUST BEAR IT.