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Election Postponement: Dislodging Nigeria's neo-fascist regime 

By John Darlington
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Our country braces for even darker times as impunity holds sway in every facet of our national life. The nation rose to a distressing news that the much awaited general elections have been postponed without citing any pressing challenge apart from succumbing to the diabolic whims and caprices of a few overlords who have resolved to foist themselves on the pauperized citizenry or there would be no Nigeria.

As the supreme wishes of a distressed people like a marriage have again been annulled and ultimately bastardized by a criminal cabal our nation doubtless has descended very low on the transparency index to the consternation of the international community. Many angry reactions have trailed this needless postponement which many see as another ploy to subvert the wishes of Nigerian voters.

Professor Yakubu Mahmood has not been able to tell Nigeria the immediate and the remote causes of the ugly development which has sent a rude shock to one and all.

As one can see Nigerians are unhappy and helpless under this regime and therefore desirous of a genuine change. The lives of our people have been riddled with a long train of abuses, ursupations, reduced under despotism and this in some cases and regions has triggered civil resistance. The Abuja regime under Buhari has committed so many infractions which earns him a place as one the dictators of all times.

In Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler bestrode Europe like a colossus which gave birth to the infamous tripartite pact by other two signatories namely Benito Mussolini of Italy and Emperor Hirohito of Japan who ruled over their respective domains with a caprice.

These were in fact totalitarian regimes in human history which were done away with violently by the collective will of the people resulting from full-blown discontent at the time.

There is every pointer to the fact under the existing circumstances that our nation is passing through a similar phase in the hands of a brutal dictator who has firmly resolved to foist himself on our people no matter whose ox is gored.

There have been many cases of state assassinations in a bid to silence dissenting and vocal voices. Only recently Nigeria's former Chief of Air Staff, Alex Badeh, was cut down by unknown assailants suspected to be Buhari secret agents.

Today there is no restating the obvious that we have a ruthless man at the helm against the will of the majority whose wishes and words are law backed by the military which is only typical of totalitarian regimes. Kingdoms and regimes like this at different times in history have risen and fallen and the rising discontent among Nigerians I dare say is only a prelude of what is to come before long.

Our nation as it is today is one totalitarian state of our times with all the trademarks of a powerful gangster team that has at its disposal the latest techniques of mass control by instrumentality of agents of coercion ready to do its bidding at the drop of a hat.

Buhari has the police, the military at his beck and call who cannot be fought by the weapons bequeathed to us by Nigeria's founding fathers as most vocal voices against the Abuja regime have either been abducted bei Nacht und Nebel with no trace or killed without adornment with the glory of martyrdom.

The writer's position should not be misconstrued for he is no advocate of a violent change or the like.

Civil resistance has always worked magic in human history and on this I irrevocably stand to dislodge the despot at the Villa.

Iyoha John Darlington
Edo State Governorship Candidate designate
Peoples Party of Nigeria