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Usurping Presidential Office for "National Broadcast" APC Campaign, Dictator Buhari Takes Tyranny To Next Levels

By Dr Perry Brimah
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It started with president Muhammadu Buhari locking people up indefinitely and disobeying court orders for their release and compensation. Dasuki, Nnamdi Kanu, Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and as many as 200 Shia Muslims are some such cases.

As Commander in Chief, authorizing the army to massacre and secretly bury en mass across Nigeria, from Zaria to Onitsha without any form of repudiation, has been another nightmare Nigerians suffered under Buhari.

True to tyrannical rule, Buhari diminished the police, leaving them no role other than as hired body guards for the wealthy, and used the army to usurp their role. Of course as soldiers do not have hand cuffs, cannot arrest and press charges, Buhari's tyrannical regime was heavily littered with "zombie way" massacres and military brutality. Tompolo's late father was one of many victims.

The finance sector: Buhari did not only keep the despised fuel subsidy, he increased the amount and kept it a secret by attempting to rebrand it in total disrespect for democracy and freedom of information. But not just this, he even added another subsidy on top of this subsidy. He added a secret FOREX subsidy for his cronies involved in the import of refined fuel to quadruple their gains! Two concurrent subsidies on the same product, where just one was previously rejected. A looting galore!

Over the four years, no law or institution was sacred as the Buhari government brazenly violated all laws of man and God in persecuting youth, minorities and those who opposed him and granting impunity and reward to those who bowed to him.

The judiciary was not spared and the world condemned Buhari as a "liar and not democrat" as Foreign Policy put it when he unconstitutionally fired Chief Justice Onnoghen.

National parks and arenas were not spared either, Buhari installed two gigantic APC decorated brooms; one at the city gate and the other at Unity fountain, where he had banned all citizens apart from his party from holding rallies. To explain the extreme category of such violations, the Buhari government by its behavior could sacrifice a baby in front of Aso rock in the eyes of everyone if it believed that would give it victory.

But just when one thought Buhari had exhibited his last acts of abuse of office, law and frank tyranny, president Buhari announced he will be making a national broadcast on the eve of the elections. And from his official seat and the pulpit of the office of the president of Nigeria, Buhari advertised his APC political party and campaigned for votes. Wow! What a nightmare. Such levels of abuse of office have never been experienced in the history of Nigeria and seldom worldwide, except perhaps in places like North Korea.

But the question is not how Buhari will live with a memory of his violations; what some of us wonder is how people like Pastor Osinbajo and the owner of Lagos PLC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will live with knowing that they were a part of this horrible era in Nigeria's history.

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