El Rufai Is Right! No Intervention, No Invasion of Nigeria!

Source: Paul I. Adujie Esq.

All Nigerians should stand with Governor El Rufai of Kaduna State in his quest to keep Nigeria an independent nation with inviolate territorial integrity and immutable sovereignty!

Any Nigerian who wishes interference, intervention or invasion of Nigeria, by any nation or group of nations deserves to be in body-bags alongside such would be interfere, or interventionists, and or invaders!

Some disingenuous Nigerians and their mercenary foreign friends have deliberately misquoted El Rufai and taking his honest and sincere statements in a his patriotic defense of Nigeria, completely out of contexts, just so they can excoriate him! So much for giving a dog a bad name in order to hang the dog upon a predetermination!

Millions of Nigerians have watched El Rufai's comments on video and read the transcripts of his comments, and have come to the conclusions that his statements were not threats to good people, Nigerians, Africans, Americans or Europeans.

All well meaning Nigerians ought to express similar outrage, as have El Rufai, over the nonsensical talk about interfering, intervening and invading Nigeria in order to install a particular politician or to foist a particular political preference

El Rufai did not issue threats to so-called elections observers or so-called elections monitors, for all that they are worth! Instead, El Rufai merely addressed the likelihoods of interference, intervention and invasion of Nigeria under any pretexts, including the scheduled elections

No intelligent or reasonable citizen of any nation should wish his or her nation invaded, interfered with or have her affairs visited with interventions by any nation or nations!

There are, currently in Nigeria, messages, some cryptic and others direct, regarding plans, and invitations to outside forces, persons, governments and organizations to interfere, intervene or invade Nigeria, for the sole purpose of ensuring particular political outcome.

No full blooded Nigerian should contemplate, let alone, become interested in activities which will procure Nigerian political outcomes from outside the shores of Nigeria. It is the case across the world, that foreign monies, materials and or other resources are impermissible in the internal campaigns and elections, which are the exclusive internal affairs of such nation in which campaigns and elections are taking place.

I join El Rufai in saying that anyone who wishes Nigeria to be interfered with or wishes foreign intervention or foreign meddling and or invasion, deserves to be dead and devoured, body bags and all!

Nigerians and their foreign handlers should bear in mind that El Rufai's statements came in the midst of the illegal and unconstitutional recognition of Juan Gauido, as defacto president of Venezuela, even though there is a de jure head of state for Venezuela, President Maduro.

This illegitimate, illegal, unconstitutional arbitrariness which is being encouraged and promoted by President Trump and some of his European friends, have prompted some Nigerians to be mouthing or promoting what they euphemistically called the Venezuela option for Nigeria! This is the circumstances in which El Rufai made the body bags statements.

Some Nigerians have been circulating on WhatsApp Messengers telephone numbers to the White House/President Trump? Telephone Numbers to the European Union, the United Nations etc from whom these silly Nigerians seek direct intervention and invasion regarding Nigeria's scheduled elections!

These harebrained ideas which have been in circulation, should be confronted and severely rebuked! Nigerians and their collaborators in these calumnies are to blame!

Any nation which contemplates or actually invades another nation, a politically independent nation, with territorial integrity, and sovereignty etc, should expect resistance and vehement repulsion, including deaths and body bags of the invading armies.

Nigeria is not a political subdivision of America or Europe. No citizen of Nigeria should be recommending Nigeria for invasion or interference and interventions in our internal affairs.

Nigerians alongside El Rufai, should be intolerant and should vehemently denounce anyone and any nation or group of nations seeking to digitally or physically invade or intervene in Nigerian politics or internal matters in any way or form whatsoever!

Nigerians should be reminded of recent interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Libya etc and reflect on how beautifully those interventions have succeeded and benefited the citizens of those nations.

There were Afghans, Iraqis, Ivorians, and yes, Libyans who were in support of the invasions of their nations, there were citizens of these nations who loudly advocated and stridently demanded the invasion and occupations of their homeland. These citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc, naively assumed that an invasion would be undertaken in some altruistic, benevolent and objective manner, by the invaders, selfless invaders!

These invasions are now laid bare for all to see. These invasions from the onset, from the planning to their executions have not been precise or objective. The horrors and brutalities of wars which ensued in these nations have been obvious for all to see.

Does any Nigerian want us to become Afghanistan, Iraq or Ivory Coast or Libya?

Nigerians and all reasonable persons across the should be unyielding, unflinching and unapologetic in denouncing any suggestions or attempts to interfere, intervene or invade Nigeria, it is against international law

The purpose of a two year investigations by Robert Mueller, is the suspected foreign interference in American elections which may have benefited Trump

The elections in America are imperfect, the election which produced President George W. Bush was very contentious and heavily litigated, and the Americans did not seek the invasion of America by Russia, or Mexico or Canada.

Similarly, the elections which produced President Trump, the current president of the United States was equally contentious. There have been slews of allegations of Russian meddling or Russian interference, and as a result, there is an ongoing investigation by Robert Mueller, in efforts by the Americans, Democrats and Republicans to unravel and unmask Russian or foreign interference in the 2016 American presidential elections.

Americans are loathe to think of any interference, no matter how benign, in their internal affairs, particularly, the American democratic process, particularly, campaigns, elections and voting processes. Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, resent the idea of foreign interference, let alone, intervention or invasion of their nation!

BREXIT or the withdrawal from the European Union (EU) has been hotly debated globally. Britons, in Tory/Conservative Party and those in Labor are mutually divided about remaining or leaving the EU.

Despite this vigorous debate with the attendant bitter divisions, no Briton has publicly harbored or expressed the desire to be invaded and occupied by France, Germany or Sweden! instead, it is actually believed by some, that, xenophobia or resentments towards immigrants, propelled Britons who voted for BREXIT with the unintended consequences which Britain now confront!

How warped is the logic of some Nigerians? How could any Nigerian be so warped and twisted in perspectives which could warrant advocating interference, intervention and invasion by foreign nations, organizations and institutions in the affairs of Nigeria?

Nigeria is not available for invasion or to be intervened in, and or, interfered with. No Nigerian for whatever reason should have their thoughts, or contemplation, the filthy, stinking and repugnant idea of foreign meddling, foreign interference and or foreign intervention in the affairs of Nigeria under any guise!

El Rufai is right, any nation or nations who interferes with, intervene in and or invade Nigeria, should be prepared for the cataclysmic and catastrophic consequences for her own nation(s) and citizens, body bags and all!

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