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Thuggery, Hooliganism Alien to us in Oriade/Obokun Federal Constituency

-Osun PDP House of Reps candidate, Hon Busayo Oluwole-Oke
By Olawale Adewale, The Nigerian Voice, Osogbo 
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In this interview with The Nigerian Voice South West Bureau Chief, Olawale Adewale, the Member of House of Representatives representing Oriade/Obokun federal constituency of Osun State Hon Busayo Oluwole-Oke on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) debunked the allegation that he attacked members of All Progressive Congress in his constituency. Oluwole-Oke maintained that he enjoys supports of his constituents and that he would win the Saturday election without resorting to violence.

TNV: Why do you still want to go back to the House of Reps for the 4th term?

Oluwole-Oke: Politics is local. I follow the trend of events in my locality. I don’t chase what is not possible or doable. I also look at value addition and see where I can serve and add value. We all know that there is no seal on the number of times that a legislator can go to the parliament unlike the President, governors and local government chairmen who cannot do more than two terms. So, the constitution permits me to go to the House of Representatives as many times as I want as long as I get the mandate of the electorate. In 2013, I had wanted to run for governorship position because it was zoned to my senatorial district. The then governor, Mr Rauf Aregbesola is my brother from the same place and I felt that I would not want to support another candidate against him. I felt that it will rather make sense for me to compete with him. I wanted the governorship position to be retained in my zone. I didn’t want the governorship position to be taken away from my zone. We had the primary election of my party and Senator Iyiola Omisore emerged and whether the primary was irregular or regular, I supported Omisore as a loyal PDP member. But Omisore couldn’t make it. Aregbesola won and after his tenure, I felt that I should not contest for governorship position at that time. Then, I asked myself as to what is doable. I would have decided to go to the Senate but my uncle, Prince Francis Fadahunsi is interested in Senate and I don’t want to struggle with my uncle for the ticket. That is why I decided to go back to the House of Representatives. Contentment, logic, value addition and sound reasoning are the reason I chose to remain in the House of Representatives and I’m determined and committed to serve my people better.

TNV: What’s your chance in this coming election?

Oluwole-Oke: My chance is very bright. Any time I contest, I always enjoy the support of my people. My chance is very bright by God’s grace.

TNV: Your opponent alleged that you attacked some APC members in your hometown and that you were carrying firearms?

Oluwole-Oke: I was not around during that incident you are referring to. I was in Abuja, I was busy doing my legislative work. When that allegation came up, I made enquiry and I got the information that it was an intra-party clash among members of APC who are supporters of the House of Reps candidate of the party. No member of our party was involved or complained to the police. The crisis was among members of APC. The matter does not involve any PDP members. Police must investigate the matter. The policemen should do the needful and fish out those that invaded the Divisional Police Headquarters, attacked the Divisional Police Officer and damaged Police vehicles. I have no reason to carry firearms. I have never carry firearm. I have been in politics for some time and I win elections without resorting to lawlessness. The APC candidate, Siji Olamiju is a new comer in the political arena and the young man doesn’t understand the tools for winning elections. He does not have the ingredient needed to win an election. The main tool for winning elections is to be accepted by the electoral and I achieved that because I endeared myself to the electorate. As far as I’m concerned, in my political history, I’m not known for hooliganism and I would not start doing that at this point. I don’t want my children to be thugs and I would not want the children of other people to be thugs. People know who Wole Oke is because I’m not a new person. I have served my constituency for three terms. My tract record is there. I go round with my campaign peacefully. My style of campaign is different. I simply go to my constituents, visit them in their homes, talk to them and ask if there is any of my promises that I have not fulfilled and also seek to know the new things to do. I will not start introducing myself to people that I have served for three terms. Under normal circumstance, I shouldn’t be campaigning.

TNV: What could have prompted those alleging you to lie against you?

Oluwole-Oke: The gentle man contesting on the platform of APC is sinking and he is looking for anything to hold on to that would make him float. My opponent is not qualified to be a counsellor. This is the first time that I’m seeing APC picking that kind of a person as its candidate. I know that APC is a party that rewards long time party loyalists. The APC candidate is my younger brother from the same family house. When APC see the way PDP won in my hometown, Esa-Oke, in the last September governorship election in the state, they probably felt that picking my brother will checkmate our strength but they got it wrong. Even the candidate himself did not vote for Governor Gboyega Oyetola in the primary election of APC. He is alive, they should ask him. I doubt if he even voted for Governor Oyetola in the main governorship election. Quote me that I said he not loyal to Governor Oyetola. It is a known fact that he campaigned and worked against Governor Oyetola in the APC primary. So, how he got the APC ticket is worrisome. But, that is their issue. Whatever it is, the gentleman knows that politically, I’m not his mate. Age wise, I’m older than him. He claimed to be a PhD holder in Pharmaceutical; my wife also holds similar degree. In terms of academics, he is not my match. I’m a lawyer, I’m an educationist, I’m a tax practitioner, I’m an accountant and I’m an economist. I have also brought 30 years into private sector business management. So, we are not at pal. It is because of the way I have managed my political life as I have told you. I have friends, colleagues and contemporaries who are governors and ministers. Governor Dickson of Bayelsa State is my friend and colleagues. Gabriel Suswan is my friend. In other countries, my friends and colleagues are Presidents. The way I play my politics is different. I play politics without bitterness. In fact, I have more supporters than him in APC in my constituency. Obokun/Oriade is a peaceful constituency and there is no need for carrying firearms. Our election will be peaceful. I urged my supporters to remain calm and peaceful. The people would vote for the right person. Our people are self-esteemed and if they feel that a particular candidate is not a good person, they will reject him. Even if such bad person brings money to our people, they will reject it. Here, we have manner, we have political culture. We play intellectual progressive politics. Be a man of the people. That is the way to win elections. The idea of hooliganism is alien to us here. As I told you, he is my younger brother, if he beats me, I will congratulate him. I expect him to follow my politics and copy how I have endeared myself to the people. That is the kind of politics I expect him to do.