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The old story or A new story the Nigerian dilemma

By Gbujie Daniel 
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Great progressive Nations were created by humans who wanted something better for their country men and women had they get consistent leaders who believe and follow the vision to the end. E.g “ Singapore and China “

These Nations defined their path to progress for their citizens, and had leaders that about to uphold such dogma.

These great leaders are visionary now and we talk about some of them all presidents of Switzerland, Abram Lincoln, Mandela, and former President of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew, Obama, Current Chinese President government, and France Mr.Macron

They all answer the following questions;
1.What kind of nation do they want?.
2.What is important presently to their people?.
3. What moral value should the nation uphold what will be the consequences if broken?

4. How can they meet all the desire and aspirations of citizens and provide social amenities to an expanding in population?.

5.Where will the nation be in the future and what will the standard of life be then?

Visionary leaders work towards ensuring that the nationhood exist to meet the all the aspirations of this citizens, whether they voted or didn’t vote, or whether they are religious or non religious.

Nigerians should know by now that whatever evil or wrong we do to our country, we are sincerely doing to ourselves and our shared destiny.

That’s why Nigeria is currently motionless.
We have no reason on earth , why we should not exceedingly prosper as a nation.

Just 40 years ago we were called the lords and master in Africa but now we are struggling to separate ourselves from emerging west Africa nations like Gabon, Senegal and Ghana who are the current standard for a nation state.

Growing up in Orile Agege, Lagos State , I was told that by the time I will be 30 Nigeria will be like Dubai.

Well am over 30 years now believe me when I say the 70s is far better than now, that’s the true story.

I Understand that all nation will have one or two challenges but in Nigeria every sector even the religious sector have be corrupted. All my expectations and those of millions of young Nigerian waiting to see the Nigeria that looks like Dubai or has developed to half of Dubai have been betrayed by the same clique of people, who have divided the nation and have created leaders and followers who see through the prism of ethno-religious dogmas .

Some of the same people are asking to be elected again.

It is only in Nigeria that people keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.

The past Administrations they awarded thousands of contracts to themselves and their sycophants friends, they cooked the financial records of the Nation where they gave themselves great economic growth and scores but the every day Nigerian is worse off every seconds currently.

All the deception, ethnically-religious biases, bad/vision less leaders with no plan for our nation future only made the once giant of Africa in 70’s now the dancing clown of the continent with the largest number of children out-of-school in Africa/World from the department for international development (DFID) March 2018 and the acclaimed UN ambassador Child right activist, said “ Nigeria has the highest number of out -school children in the world “. The UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS policy paper report) states that Nigeria is home to one-third of all out-of-school children in the World. Though ASSU is negotiating with the Government right and the Government have done well right in education.

Health care system has completely collapsed for years it’s so bad in so Government hospital that patients know where to buy the medications in towns than the doctors/Pharmacists, I even heard that a patient father brought First Aid and a drum of fuel to ensure the son survived an accident though the son later died 7days later of possible fake antibiotics bought to treat a bone infection.

but the FG are still building and awarding contracts to build 10,000 primary health care center but don’t have enough hands to man the existing advance health care center.

All these and many more causes the Nigerian economic system and social ecosystem space to fall apart.

Nigeria was a nation where a seating President gave instructions to an Inspector General (police officer) to relocate to a state were over 80 people were killed within 6 hours only for the IG to bail and leave for a nearby safe state then 6 weeks later the President visits the same state and was told the IG left for another state and the citizens were giving him first hand information of what occurred not too far from the country capital. But the president in his wisdom kept the I.G still he resigned with full pension.

Clearly, we are not in an economic recession from the alleged information from this government but every day Nigerian live as if we are in recession things have not been alright for 4 years yet they say it’s the fault of previous administration and even with that the FG say the nation is doing really great hence they deserve another 4 years.

Strangely they are beginning to see that It is even getting hard to sell their deceitful party agenda on Nigerians. Nigerians thinking or Nigerians who can read between the lines, know too well that it’s harder these days to survive than it was 40 years ago.

All of a soon Nigerians are witnessing national projects that don’t directly change the ordinary citizens status but thosbelieve them and their projects and money they are distributing 24 days to election all in the name of showing the intensity of government (Projects).

Governance is not only about projects you Award to yourself and your party faithfuls. It’s about recognizing where we are meant to be as a nation, relating with citizens that don’t know if they are part of the same country and responding appropriately not 2 months later when their safety is being threatened.

We have become a caricature of our selves a nation of two eyed people led by blind and vain men.

We are now the example of a failed African nation being studied in University in Lesotho and Gambia.

We are regard as “shit hole nation” by leaders that don’t understand why we allow the worse among us to domestic our lives and we live as second class citizens.

I know that this story may not sound great but it’s the truth.

The accumulated actions of yester years from visionless leaders that Nigerians played along with or have refused to hold accountable now has created significant blow on our nation far beyond what even I can understand.

How can a nation that it’s leaders claim that its customs outlets have generated over 1trillion Naira, and its Federal Revenue Agency have collected over 3trillion Naira and EFCC over 2 trillion in cash and properties government and they can’t fund their Budget of about 6 trillion Naira.

But have gone to borrow 1billion dollars to buy Weapons 6 months to elections.

Even Ghana, Botswana , Singapore , Brazil , India and the Great China are borrowing billion of dollars too to drive growth and expand infrastructures and to loans young people and to attract investors.

The logic of this decision and thousands of other deeds an action of past government stabs my soul, because i realize that its an unproductive venture and much of the funds will be embezzled, this truth is no longer a contradiction in the logic of any Nigerian especially political elite because it is normal.

This logic and many other distorted excuses that government have given only has worsen and caused the political, ethnic and religious separation to expand beyond redemption.

These and many more are the strange reasons people are committing suicide and doing abominable things. Stories we never hear in the 70’s are the normal in 2019.

We are not at war but live as if we are at war.
Last week a friend called me to ask me what impact can he have on the Nigerian system that can help give him the job of his dreams after 8 years of graduation or help him get a loan with decent interest rate. He said it’s it not possible because the government believes in unless "political Agbero", aka thugs. And will rather dash them 15 million Naira as was alleged few weeks ago by popular Lagos politician to organize support for a leading political party but his greed and opposing gang fought and stabbedhim and Lagos was under security lockdown in oshodi because of him. After I heard him speak I felt like crying, Thugs/Criminals that should be jailed are given funds to cause chaos while master degree holder drivers a commercial bus.

He asked me further what will a skinny man like him do when the powers that be have consolidated power and can use on anyone e.g ( senator Dino Melaye Arrest).

Then I got this radical idea and I explained, its not his battle alone, its the battle for 165 million Nigerian, before you all say how are we 165 million, I removed the likely 35 million Nigerians that will likely vote in few days time and the remainder was the figure above.

The remaining of nonvoter are 165 million (estimated count ) they can with the reasonable Nigerians and young people tired of status quo can rewrite this tales by moonlight story called Nigeria.

The very understanding that comes from the knowledge of the people power, that non-voters and the few reasonable voters that are tired of voting for the same people over and over again have is indeed a spiritual and if use properly can be a political force for reform which leads into a likely transformation.

How so you say, by acting to change status quo, one will be disrupt the existing dysfunctional system and the current psychic of the present Nigeria State.

The shock created if successful will indeed begin something new and better. Though fearful skeptic say it only will create opportunity but courageous minds like me say it an alternative worth taking our nation badly needs.

This is our fight for survival, such democratic gift will give Nigerians a fresh definition of “ Hope “ because it will drive genuine sustainable development and give room for serious discussions of our purpose as a nation.

Therefore Any process or act that is disruptive enough to inhibit the current form of ethnic or political/Zonal or religious sentiment in Nigeria but makes Nigerians see themselves as a unified diverse team of recognizable ethnic nationalities must be supported.

Furthermore, this all inclusive move or idea is possible and it is premised on the foundation that true leadership is about being in a responsive state especially to vulnerable people or having a vision greater than you own ethnic, or religious or political interest.

I will offer this idea as one of the many formula that I know reasonable Nigerians have to get this country back on track towards Sustainable development.

Sadly, we can only enter this narrative when we do away with always selecting leaders that are both lesser evils .

And official that take up the oath to serve the people pay severe consequence for not living up to that creed or expectations.

elected leaders are to bow to our collective desire not theirs or parties but to the collective will of the Nigerian people.

Asuch Only leaders that truly have no known political ethnic, or religious biases can successful unify this once beautiful nation, that young Nigerians have heard about in newspapers 40 years ago.

In conclusion, Many Nigerians feel that the current state of the country has no place for them from minority groups, to graduates & post graduates , Muslims, mainly Christians, female girls or ladies in Northern Nigeria, physically challenged persons , youths and pensioners hence the need to act.

The only chance we have is through a Democratic process like the forthcoming elections indeed this usually is the best time and opportunity to deal with failed politicians and leaders, the challenge is will the majority of the 35 million people act on all these obvious convictions.

The option we have is to align with a new story if we want a positive outcome this time around but we must come together and agree to forsake the old story only then can our new positive story beginning.

Vote wisely! Nigerians

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