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Buhari Pledges To Continue To Tackle Corruption, Insecurity,Infrastructural Decay

By Ahmed Abu, The Nigerian Voice, Maiduguri
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President Muhammadu Buhari has reaffirmed his commitment to continue to tackle the teething problems of Insecurity, poverty and corruption in Nigeria.

He also reassured that his government will continue to prioritize provision and rehabilitation of basic infrastructures across the country, especially, agriculture, industrial, petroleum, education, health, roads, power, railways, airports and housing facilities to stabilise and enhance socio economici development of the country.

Buhari stated this Monday at the APC Presidential Rally held in maiduguri at the Ramat Square amidst tight Secuirty and mammoth crowd that converged to witness the ceremony second to that of 2015.

He further noted that he was gladdened that his administration has fullfiled its electioneering campaign promises in three aspects and the people of Borno as well as north east are living wtinnesses of the fulfilments and achievements he made in the areas of Secuirty provision, Agricultural development , electricity, road construction, school feeding, market money project as poverty Alleviation, airports, railways, housing programme as well as anti graft crusade

Buhari urged the people to continue to be patient and understand with his government as his government is not unmindful of what is happening and will not relent on his efforts to stabilise the economy.

He also maintained that his government has achieved a lot in the fight against Corruption and will continue to pursue its course by investigating, arresting and jailing all the corrupt public servants as well as confiscate the stolen money and property.

" My good people of Borno state. I want to reassure you on three things that I have made promises on. These are agricultural diversification and development, return and restoration of peace in Borno and fight against Corruption which I have fullflled and made successes.

"You are living witnesses of our achievements in the areas of provision of Secuirty, diversification and development of agriculture and anti corrupltion crusade.

"We shall continue to do that and improve on others. I am grateful to God Almighty and to you the people for the successes or achievements we have achieved and made so far. We have made successes and we will still continue to do more. We shall continue to investigate and arrest all those guilty.

"We will cinfisticate their property without any fear or favour. I therefore urge you to continue to be patient and support the party, APC. You should continue to maintain your stand and be firmed with the party. Vote APC completely without any reservation (APC SAK).

"I apologise for the mimor incident that occured behind the podium here a plank or two collapsed and threw attention of the people. I is a destiny. I thank you all and God bless you all," Buhari said.

The National Leader of the APC, Senator Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu had earlier described President Buhari as a Democrat, transparent and honest leader that most leaders of Nigeria can not be compared with while urging all Nigerians to come out enmasse and vote for APC and President Buhari during the 2019 general elections.

He also accused former President Olusegun Obasanjo of pocknosing into APC affairs that does not concern him while advising Obasanjo to better retire to his Ota Farm and retire qiuet. Stop interfering into APC and federal government affairs that is far better than his 8 years leadership of corruption instead of good governance.

He gave assurances that people will vote for APC and Buhari for the second term having been living witnesses to the manner Buharis administration has tackled Insecurity, poverty, electricity, Agricultural development, road construction, school feeding , railways, airports rehabilitation, boko Haram insurgency and corruption which the Obasanjo administration could not achieve

He added that President Buhari has fought boko Haram insurgency credibly well far better than the killings, attacks and bombings that predominated the administration of Obasanjo.

Bola Tinubu said Buhari has brought peace to borno state and country at alrge and fullflled his 2015 electioneering campaign promises by way of improving and providing basic infrastructures across the country in the areas of agriculture, power, oil, Housing, education, school feeding, roads, aviation, railways, corruption and fought insurgency among others

Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the APC National Chairman at the rally said 2019 should be a replication of 2015 massive vote for APC candidates while appreciating all the leaders and supporters of the party that attended the Presidential rally.

According to the Chairman, the mammoth crowd that turned out to give President Buhari a rousy welcome was a clear indication, passion and solidarity Borno people have for the party and President Buhari.

He also accused the past PDP administrations and some service chiefs of not gauranteeing peace and secuirty in Nigeria, particularly, in the Borno state 27 LGAs that were under the stronghold of the Bokk Haram insurgents, noting that, "but today, with President Buhari as a person, the story has become a thing of the past".

" Insecurity during the past PDP administration has become an international Community concern and worry, especially, when UN building in Abuja was attacked as well as that of IGP office complex", Oshiomhole said.

The APC National Chairman also accused the PDP administration during Obasanjo of disrespecting the rule of law and perpetrating assassnation and kidnappings in some parts of the country.

He said: "PDP party knows already that APC has won the Presidential election on "one man one vote " basis. And PDP has no business with President Buhari's work. For PDP to accuse or blame APC of over working President Buhari" Oshiomhole said.

The Chairman, Buhari Osinbajo Presidential Campaign Organization, (BOPCO), Chief Rotimi Amaechi , State Chairman, APC Borno State, Ali Bukar Dalori, Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima and Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume, the Senator representing Borno South Senatorial District at the national assemby, spoke on the same vein calling on the people to vote for the APC candidates and come out on election dates to cast their votes massively for the party.

They also reassured the people of the party's continuous service to the people and delivery of dividend of democracy while showcasing the achievements of the APC ruling party recorded at the state and national levels , brought peace, tackled Insecurity, addressed agriclture, improved electricity, road, railway lines, airports, improved and provided securtty and fought corruption among others