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Imo Pdp Guber Battle, Not Yet Over.

Source: Prof. Protus Nathan Uzorma
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In the society where we live, the moment you are in total control of the thoughts of anyone, you do not need to worry about the person’s actions hence the one that controls the thoughts of a person, directly controls his actions. If you cannot control the thinking of a man, you cannot and shall never be in full control of the person’s actions. This philosophical thought is attested to by Carter G. Woodson thus, “When one controls a man thinking you do not have to worry about his actions.”

However and following a high metaphysical principle of telepathy, the brain being a complex transmitting and receiving unit which by complex chemical and electrical impulses sends and receives messages to and from the body this however suggests how autosuggestion is possible in the school of psychology. Though chemical and electrical impulses may also be involved in the thought process, scientists are learning more and more towards the possibility that there may be another form of energy, psychokinetic energy. Whatever may be the true nature of psychokinetic energy, psychologists have agreed that the mind is capable of producing this type of energy which can cause external effects. For instance, psychokinetic can cause noise and even project three dimensional objects.

Telepathy must obviously then involves the ability of one mind to pick up electrical or psycho-electrical impulses, the carriers of thoughts and emotions, from another mind. Though it is believed that some individuals possess greater telepathic abilities than others; even he, who possesses greater proportion of telepathic energy, cannot be said to be in total control of any individual’s decisions. Everyone is responsible for his action and inaction whether we appreciate this level of fact or not, does not really make any sense.

Anyone who does not own up to his actions is not qualified to be a leader no matter how highly placed he or she might be. Now, any man who claims responsibility of his actions is the man that people would love to follow as a leader and this is where Senator Samuel Anyanwu falls in. The man of the people Senator Samuel Anyanwu is responsible for his actions and cannot be manipulated to deny same. He is vocal, responsible and amenable to issues that are related to justice. Recently and after it was rumoured that Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihidioha met with some PDP political leaders where he went on his kneels apologizing to Senator Samuel and appealing and seeking for his support; thereafter, the social media was awash by rumours on the so called ‘purported’ reconciliation and how the Distinguished Senator Samdaddy has accepted to withdraw the legal suit instituted at the court challenging the declaration of Hon. Ihidioha as PDP guber candidate and to support him. This came as a surprise to many of us as we know too well that there was no such thing.

The noble Senator Anyanwu is a man of impeccable integrity and knows what justice is all about. He is aware of the noble fact that the peace of any society or political party depends on justice, yes, the happiness of any individual depends on justice too. Senator Anyanwu does not cast an evil eye on the good of any; if he was genuinely defeated at the PDP guber primaries, he would have not gone to any court to challenge it.

He is still in the guber race by virtue of the case in court. He is not averse to proper reconciliation but he believes that there was an injury to his political life which only justice can atone. One cannot be partial to his fellow man, returning to him in false humility to obtain his birthright. This is unacceptable to the principles of natural justice.

There is an ongoing serious legal battle between Rt.Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and Distinguished Senator Samuel Anyanwu, and at the moment both political leaders (Emeka and Samdaddy) are not enemies. The meaning being that both of them are friends and if Hon. Emeka finally wins at the court, Senator Samdaddy will have no option than to support him with every one of us. However, when Senator Anyanwu wins, I do hope that his friend Emeka Ihedioha will support him and work together for the progress of the party and until then the status-quo remains.

Recently the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) constituted a well-meaning campaign team for the 2019 general elections and included the name of Senator Samuel Anyanwu, myself (Prof. Protus Nathan Uzorma) and other notable members of the party. Soon after, the Distinguished Senator Samuel Anyanwu refuted the publication and made the general public realize that he is still at the court and cannot be part of the injustice done to him. In the same vein, I made my stand known to the general public as a steering committee member of Divine Mandate Movement of Senator Anyanwu.

Our inclusion into the team was designed to hoodwink the general public to believe that the legal battle is over. However, I sincerely want to use this medium to inform the general public that we are still in the court and until justice is done, we shall continue to fight injustice. Senator Samuel no doubt, is still a strong member of Atiku/Obi campaign Organization and shall always fight for the good of the party. In the words of Socrates, “Four things belong to a judge, to hear courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly, and to decide impartially.” I wish to state categorically that until the proper winner and loser of the PDP guber primary is legally decided, nobody should rejoice yet because rectificatory justice which is based on equity and fair play is yet to render to each that which he deserves.

The science of rectificatory justice is the science that has equity as its object. It also means equity, fairness, fair play, just or being considerate in its various aspects. Even as old as the human society is, Aristotle who lived in the 4thCentury AD, remarked the inevitability of equity and rectificatory justice in the social ream.

It was the above conviction that propelled Edmund Burke to infer, “Justice is itself the great standing policy of civil society, and any eminent departure from it, under any circumstances, lies under the suspicion of being no policy at all”. Justice is power and this power is truth in action. In my opinion, the search for equity, must follow certain and systematic process that is intertwined with fact. We all know that facts are series of events and an event is series of actions while an action is a happening. It may be a conduct by expression, consent, implication, acquiescence or ‘condonation’ by an individual. Action and non-action constitute a person’s reaction to a given circumstance no wonder Webster’s New Encyclopedic Dictionary defines Equity as “Justice according to natural law or right; specifically, freedom from bias or favouritism...”

Equity is the oil that greases justice because it is an inspired philosophy of social justice; its characteristics include the tentacles of validity in syllogistic deductions and conclusions. It asserts and maintains that any state of oppression, repression, exploitation or suppression is not synchronous and is therefore out of focus of naturalism. In the words of John Kennedy, “The achievement of Justice is an endless process”. It is Justice that renders to each one what is his and does not claim another’s property which informs why St. Augustine concludes, “The soul has four virtues whereby, in this life, it lives spiritually, namely, temperance, prudence, fortitude, and justice. The fourth, justice is which pervades all the virtues.”

Equity is the basis of honesty. In equity and justice our honesty make us deal fairly with friends and foes without causing an unbalance that creates envy, violence and revenge no wonder Aristotle say “If a man is interested in himself only, he is very small, if he is interested in his family, he is larger, if he is interested in his community, he is larger still”. Confucius {550-478 B.C.} the Chinese sage, was asked if he knew a secret for happiness. He answered that he did not know any. Then another of his disciple asked, “Do you know any secret to ruin a country?” “Yes” Confucius replied. “When its rulers do not accept criticisms, equity and justice” this is the basis of Senator Samuel’s legal battle against Hon. Ihidioha.

Yes, that Senator Anyanwu went to court to seek justice means he believes in the rule of law, jumping around him with an ignoble intention to settle out of court is likened to a man who stole a car at gun point and finally brought the stolen car home and invited great men of God to bless the car for him after confession on how he got the car. While prayers of forgiveness were going on, he went to the licensing office to effect the change of ownership of the car in his name. It simply shows that he has not truly repented at all; true repentance in this connection is pure restitution. He should return the car in total submission to the will of God and confess for his wrong doings, and then he shall be forgiven. This is the position of all Divine Mandate Movement of Distinguished Senator Samuel Anyanwu. The Reformer has spoken.