Reflections with Ubong Usoro: 2019, Nigeria and Properity.

By Ubong Usoro

Like the historical saying 'Rome was not built in a day', Nigeria will not become develop overnight, concrete efforts must be made by all those who believe in project NIGERIA. The issue of blame game has become a misnomer in our contemporary Nigerian society.

We see people who have failed in doing what is supposed to be done, tender blame, as a way of excuse, students blame lecturers for failing a particular course, citizen blame leaders for our underdevelopment, politician blame other politician for their woes. 2019, offers us the opportunity to stop this antics and do the right thing, it offers us the chose our leaders, people who will be at the helm of our affairs for some period of time. Some will still not participate in the

electioneering process, but will be quick to blame, such is an act of cowardice, Nigerians should get involved, and cause the desired prosperity.

Let's chose Leaders that have the capable to lead, and not because of religious, tribal or gender sentiments. People, should be voted because of the issues the raise, political idealogies, should be scaned and analysed, mediocrity should not be entertained. Probably, third force candidatures should be given a chance, vote buying, and election fraud should be discouraged, the properity of Nigeria is in your palms, Make Nigeria Great Again.