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Tamale is using Bobi to destroy Besigye!

By Abbey Semuwemba
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‘’We all know why the state is putting sanctions on Bobi Wine’s concerts----to cripple his financial resources ……….but Besigye’s petrol stations are operational ’-----Tamale Milundi

The stupidity in the above statement is truly overwhelming. There are many Ugandans who actually believe that Besigye and Museveni have been playing a unique game for the last 20 years.i.e with Museveni creating his own opposition. This is so screwed up I would have to spend more time on it than it is worth. It just isn't worthy of any effort. Suffice to say that ignoring the obvious realities results in statements like the above by Tamale.

That statement, along with a similar one made by Bobi Wine ,earlieron,when his Busabala concert was cancelled by police, clearly demonstrates why Uganda is sliding into a hopeless realm with the majority of the population refusing to clearly think through the issues that confront them every day, depending instead on propaganda by other mindless individuals and groups. Critical thinking is important to maintaining a free society. When you see those claiming to be in opposition attacking Besigye, you kind of lose interest in politics, and that's what Museveni wants.

Yes, Tamale is no threat to anyone, just another person running off at the mouth talking garbage and making a nuisance of himself, but his garbage can sometimes do damage if believed by a lot of people. I sometimes look at him, and I see someone mentally ill. He keeps banging his head as a way of snobering on a point. He once slapped the moderator on live television. He keeps making grandiose statements, like writing a book on almost every situation in the country. He sometimes laughs maniacally in debates, as a way of concealing his inadequacies. He gets hysterical if he is clearly losing a debate.

By the way, a lot of Ugandans in the public spectrum should be on medication.If you don't believe me, just log in any of the Uganda online forums to see the way people respond to flame wars. People just abuse one another like crazy. A lot of people are mentally ill but are nevertheless able to function effectively in the everyday world. In a book by Oliver Sacks, titled "An Anthropologist on Mars", he writes about the case of Temple Grandin, a woman with Asperger's syndrome (i.e, a high functioning autistic adult) who despite her disability holds a Ph.D, teaches at Colorado State University, and runs her own business (designing slaughterhouses!).

Ms. Grandin may be able to function effectively, but she is not "normal". She has little intuitive understanding of normal human interaction, and has been forced to build an extensive mental library of "videotapes" which she analyzes logically to try to predict how other people will behave in various circumstances. In her own words, she compares her situation to that of "an anthropologist on Mars".

Tamale Mirundi's TV political analyses turn out to be a case study of precisely this kind, loaded with fascinating tales of push and pull, conspiracy theories whose main objective being to demythologize and de-exoticize the old Museveni. He pretends to support Bobi Wine when , in actual sense, he is using him to negate Besigye's popularity. Basically, he is working for Mr. Museveni to neutralise two birds using one stone.

Caricatured theories about Besigye’s negative role in opposition began as soon as Bobi helped the opposition win a few by- elections. What is true of almost all propaganda is that significant truths lie within the storyline. And without thinking about it, I now know for sure that Tamale and a few others in the media are running a systematic campaign against Besigye using Bobi Wine. They have been running stacks of propaganda that have nothing to do with reality.

There are many people in powerful positions in the state or media but with question marks on their mental health as Tamale, each different from the next, disabled to different degrees, and in different ways. It might seem hard to believe that such people can hold big offices, degrees and have significant real world accomplishments. To understand how this can happen, imagine how you -- as a civilized person – would behave if you had such a person as your boss. Even if you had not been warned in advance you would at first meeting very quickly become aware of the situation, through both verbal and non-verbal cues. Because you are a civilized person, you would make great efforts to adjust your own behavior in order to accommodate your strange boss. In particular you would take pains to avoid pushing his buttons. If, for example, he had a desperate need to have the last word,or name even his input as ‘last word (as one journalist who owns a newspaper magazine does in his column ), you would simply allow him to have it.

"In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism."