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Moghalu's Restructuring Proposal Walks On Stilts

By Nwokedi Nworisara
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I just came across a campaign speech of one of the Nigerian Presidential Candidates for the 2019 Elections - Moghalu of the Young Political Party. Much of it was of course the political talk expected today. I paid more attention however when he took on restructuring,warning that his mates may have other motives in promising to restructure Nigeria when they get to power since they had presented no proper roadmap to same. In the audience was Prof 'WOLE Soyinka and Gen. Ike Nwachukwu. And he spoke profusely of his learnedness and experience. But what would he do better? I sharpened my ears to the short video. He would make Nigeria a true Federation of 6 geo -political zones! It sounded almost beautiful for the soap box. But wait a bit for reality checks.

Unfortunately,his own restructuring idea is also wrong and cannot work. Only federating units can stand on its own in Nigeria and those six geopolitical zones cannot be federating units. The only known federating units in Nigeria are the three Regions and they were and still are backed by law. The others are not properly backed by any law,not even properly by Decrees and were arbitrary creations of the military,unqualified to make political decisions. So are the present Nigerian States. They are not viable because they too are no federating units by law and cannot truly stand so long as the nation is known as Nigeria!

Nigeria is not just a name but also a structure and nothing else outside this structure can stand unless the name Nigeria is no more. The structure that came with the name Nigeria has a constitution which was partly suspended by the military in order to 'restore law and order'. The only restoration of law and order will be the return of the suspended parts of the constitution. Is this not obvious? Otherwise it remains suspended and nothing can change something that is suspended!! You can only make changes when you return to the status quo and only on that basis can sustainable changes occur and only then will it be backed by law. That is the real reason behind States not being viable because these units leaders cannot take certain decisions nor can they protect themselves within the ambit of any law existing capable of helping them grow. In short nothing can grow sustainably except an up- building on the approved plan. So sadly Moghalu's proposals are standing on stilts. That is to say that it stands on wrong assumptions. It cannot withstand sustained push and pull without collapsing. It is built on the wrong assumption that the military has a duty to create any permanent political structure in Nigeria. As of the minority concerns and resource control,these legitimate concerns can only be addressed following due process,when the country has ' restored law and order',under the only true Nigerian structure. No matter how long it takes to lift the suspension placed on Regionalism,it remains the status quo imperative and the only basis to build sustainably politically and economically. As a Presidential Candidate he should have seen it but he didn't. I am still looking out for the one out of the motley crowd that has any true vision for a new Nigeria!

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