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Our Presided Marked His 76th Birthday With His Presidential Brigade Of Guards, At The Forecourt Of The Presidential Villa.

Source: Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D.
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First and foremost, I wish our President, General (rtd) Muhammadu Buhari HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and many more happy returns. But one is surprised that the retired General choose to celebrate his birthday in front of Aso Rock, Nigerians No 1 home. One is surprised because at this time many Nigerians would have used this occasion to

certify themselves that their President was alive and not dead. This is largely due to the non-convincing evidences that have been presented by those who know better why they are saying that the President is alive and well, IF he is actually not. This Birthday celebration that has come at this material time, would have been the best of time to show President Buhari, live, to the Nigerians who are at the receiving end, and the world that is now mocking Nigeria and

Nigerians with the reported death of the Nigerian President by an unknown fugitive.

Also, today's birthday celebration by President Buhari should not have been reported with a steel and non-movable

picture of the event. Nigerians, at home and abroad are not aware that their President is ill-disposed at this time; security could not have prevented the president as the Commander-In-Chief of our Armed Forces, and of which most of the Forces' members are of Buhari's family. The event should have been held in an opened public arena for

everyone to see and decide for themselves if it was actual Buhari they were looking at. Except one is saying that the Nigerian scene is now like what once prevailed in the Old Western Region of Nigeria under Akintola; a situation in which the Premier, Samuel Oladuke Akintola was no longer able to move about freely in his own City of Ibadan, in the Region and in the other part of the country.

One occasion comes to my mind; it was when Akintola came to pay dowry for his son who was getting married that evening to a girl on Patty Street near in Lafiaji Area in Lagos Island. Akintola came in Black Maria, a truck that was used by General Hospital to carry dead bodies to be buried. That was how unpopular and unsafe for him to move freely about. That was operation "wet ie" era in Western Region. Otherwise, why are we being presented with steel pictures of President Buhari? Our fears need to be allayed. We need to know that our President is hail and hearty; it

will be very pleasing to see and know that we have a president as it is unholy to continue to report what the President has said to us with his steel pictures. Nigerians should want to know what they need to know of their President.

A deceiver will be deceived. All that one has been seeing from where one is are Buhari's immovable pictures. The President at 76, is yet young a man, he is not too old to move about, especially that Buhari was a Military General. He should be strong enough at 76 to show himself to Nigerians that he is strong enough to rule over them in the

next four years. We want to see Buhari live in current movable pictures. We are all praying for him to celebrate many more years of happy returns.