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Donor's miscalculations on Bobi Wine are visible!

By Abbey Semuwemba
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I'm sure no one would submit to this willingly, but if somehow forced to make such a choice between Besigye Kiiza and Bobi Wine as the next president of Uganda, I would choose the former. Yes, he has probably handled the " twebereremu " slogan wrongly because of his limitations in Luganda, but Besigye is still the man. Up with amateurism and other disadvantages , our beloved Bobi cannot be allowed to lead this country under the current political climate in the country. I perhaps ought to point out that I have nothing personal against Bobi or anybody from becoming president.

However, i have found that understanding the environment that Museveni has created for three decades, makes it easier for one to make such a decision. The justice and electoral systems are scandals.Mimes, corrupt officials and murderers are coddled. Victims are abused. Intelligence networks run from statehouse to village level, e.t.c. The good news is that, over the years, Besigye has managed to penetrate some of Museveni's institutions and made some friends and sympathisers. This has taken much time, work, joint effort, partnership with some in NRM, sacrifices, and patience. Antagonizing all his work now, in the name of a new guy on the block, would be suicidal, in my opinion. Besigye is basically still alive today because, I believe, he is being protected by the same guys that serve Museveni.

Perhaps, an uninvolved observer wouldn't come into that conclusion,but these are some of the reasons why I strongly request Bobi's supporters to calm down and continue to support Besigye's work. No need to attack one another, please. Congratulations, if they are your conclusions too. The most important is to be honest - if you don't like something, say so -else the emperor isn't clotheless.

Realistic really is the word; elections cannot take Museveni out, something Bobi seems to be investing all his energy into. With Museveni intent on stopping his music shows, which other ways is he going to use to sell himself to the public, and mobilise campaign funds, before 2021? So the difference is rather the one between playing the music and listening to it. I'm not going to analyze here what exactly are the analogies pertaining to active or passive partnership, but I hope people eventually understand.

Maybe I'm opening a can of works and exposing myself to flames here, but , I believe, the donors too have miscalculated on this Bobi Wine thingy. Their projection is that he is the future while Museveni and Besigye are the past, and they may be right if there are sure of controlling the events leading to Museveni's ending. I must remind them that they tried the same experiment with Obote when they supported Idi Amin's coup in 1971, but things didn't go down well as they expected. They also tried it with Prof Yusuf Lule after Amin but the guy lasted only 68 days.And let's face It, Museveni isn't dumb!

This is what I think may eventually happen with Bobi in the next few years, if Museveni or his people are still in charge in the next 20-30 years. He is likely to end up like the Hungarian composer Bela Bartok . Bartok was born with an unusually keen memory and sense of rhythm. He began composing at age 10. He infused each of his works with his sentiments at the time, as Bobi has been doing through his songs. After the Nazis invaded his country in 1940, Bartok decided to leave Hungary. He opposed a German-installed fascist government and refused to let Nazi-controlled radio stations play his music. The government was hard on him, frustrated him and isolated him, as Museveni is doing to Bobi. He finally left Hungary and went to the U.S., where he settled in New York City. His dedication remained steadfast. Bartok continued composing until his death in 1945. Bartok died poor. His gift to his heirs was his copyrights.

Museveni wants to keep Bobi on a parliamentary income only, and that may be the beginning of Bobi's downfall. His concerts not only boost his savings but also sell him to the public. Museveni won't allow that and this is something Bobi will have to live with. Yes, he has gone to court over this but no court will rule in his favour on this. Evenif they do, police will continue antagonizing him. Then what?

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba writes from UNITED KINGDOM

"In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism."