Source: nigeriafilms.com

A Media & Research Committee has been set up to ensure success of the Nigerian Music Awards (NMA) holding in May 2007.
The committee is made up of Charles Okogene of Daily Independent; Nonye Iwuagwu, Saturday Punch; Nsebong Okon, Thisday and Tosin Ajirere, Saturday Sun.

Others are Ben Ufeli of Silverbird Television and Rhythm FM; Fred Inonoje of FRCN's Metro FM; Osas of The Source; Uzoh Chikere of Champion and Yinka Adejuwon; Nigerian Tribune. The committee was inaugurated recently by the CEO of TOPS and prime mover of the return of the NMA, Chief Tony Okoroji.
Chief Okoroji, who initiated the music awards while he was PMAN President said he had championed the return of the big event because it was an important first step in Nigeria reclaiming its rightful place as the entertainment capital of Africa. According to him, such a reclaim has become necessary for national pride and also important for the economic and social well being of the country.

While addressing the committee on the objectives of the coming event, he explained the choice of May as a period when stakeholders in the entertainment industry should help to reduce the political tension in the country. "It is our intention that the story out of Nigeria in 2007 is not just about the ongoing political process or the challenging images that come out of the Niger Delta. We believe that while the political process goes on and the other challenges are addressed, life must go on in Nigeria and the Nigerian people must be provided avenues to ventilate their humanness. We must let the world also see us as a proud people who enjoy the celebration of our common destiny, our fashion, music, dance, relationships and love for life," said Okoroji.

The Media & Research Committee will be responsible for the effective communication to the public about the awards ceremony. The committee will also provide supportive information to the award selection process and ensure the transparency of the nomination process.