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With the 2011 elections around the corner, the growing trend that seems to be the vogue among female political office holders is that many of them have turned the Presidential Villa, Abuja to a Mecca of sorts. It is not surprising now that the First Lady (though the position is yet to be found in the Nigerian Constitution), Patience Jonathan has become the toast of female politicians, female ministers, female public office holders and governors' wives all in their bid to curry the favour of the most powerful woman in the country.

Almost daily, Mrs. Jonathan hosts groups of people who come to her on 'courtesy visits', seeking her support and blessings and believing that she has the ears of her hubby, President Goodluck Jonathan.

While her husband was the Vice President, not much was heard of her, as power brokers mainly sought the favour of Hajia Turai, the widow of the President Umaru Yar'Adua.

But with the change in leadership, she has suddenly become the toast of favour seekers and lobby groups who flock daily to the Villa to 'pay homage'.

SBD learnt that among the first callers to see 'madam' Jonathan when she emerged First Lady were the female ministers, and other groups, the wives of the governors, female lawmakers and some wives of lawmakers.

Though it cannot be confirmed, sources squealed to SBD that some of the South-South governors who were not initially disposed to handing over power to Jonathan had to seek their wives' help in currying the favour of the First Lady to influence her husband to support their second term ambition.

One reason some female political office holders are also said to be hobnobbing with the First Lady is to enlist her support, in the event of a possible Jonathan presidency in 2011.

Not wanting to be outdone by their husbands and male counterparts, and to remain relevant, many of these women have taken a cue from their husbands and male counterparts, and have formed associations and organizations.

Just like the governors have the 'governors' forum', their wives have the 'governors' wives association', and like the lawmakers in the Lower and Upper chambers of the National Assembly have different interest groups, the wives of the members of the House of Representatives also have the 'House of Representatives Members Wives Association'.

But whether their efforts will eventually pay off or not, only 2011 would tell.