By NBF News

Deputy National Coordinator of the Concerned PDP Elders for Jonathan / Sambo 2011, Dr. Godwin Akpenlamen Dabo Adzuana says the crises between the Governor of Bayelsa State and his deputy which culminated in a move to impeach the latter is a test for President Goodluck Jonathan.

Speaking during a news conference in Abuja yesterday, Dabo said President Goodluck Jonathan's ability to administer Nigeria is determined by the manner the ongoing impeachment move by the Bayelsa State House of Assembly would be handled.

'The problem in Bayelsa State now is a test for Mr. President. If Jonathan cannot address the situation in his home state, how can he manage the crisis in Nigeria ,' he said.

Dabo said the situation in Bayelsa which he likened to the one in Bauchi before the governor decamped was unacceptable because it was a threat to the delivery of the dividends of democracy to the people.

In a letter to President Goodluck Jonathan, copies of which were made available to journalists at the briefing, the Concerned PDP Elders for Jonathan/Sambo 2011 expressed worry about 'the event taking place in your state referring to the unfortunate event.'

Entitled: 'Why You Must Without Further Delay Intervene To End The Crisis In Bayelsa State That Will Lead To The Possible Impeachment of His Excellency, Hon. Peremobowei Ebebi, Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State,' the concerned PDP Elders said the crises in the state was being fomented by individuals believed to be opposed to his (Jonathan) emergence as the democratically elected president in 2011.

According to the group, the opposition parties are delighted at the current political confusion in your state and are doing all they could silently, to instigate this crises in your state to take an embarrassing dimension, adding that 'the development cannot be to your long-term interests.

'We can state emphatically, that those who had the opportunity to take the country to the next level but failed this potentially great country, have now resolved to do all they can to retard our progress in our slow but silent match to the shores of stable democracy by the year 2015 under your able leadership.

'I regret to inform you that this political cabal is now determined to use the crises in your state to create confusion in other parts of Nigeria . Unfortunately for the cabal, most Nigerians desire peace under your God-ordained leadership. If this is not so, how could you have become the president of Nigeria without investing money?'

The group said the crises in Bayelsa State were a political landmine deliberately planted to thwart his ascension to Nigeria's presidency in 2011.

'These are the insignificant cabal ignoring the constitution of Nigeria and now attempting to use an internal understanding between PDP leaders to delay our match to the shores of stable democracy by 2015 under your God ordained leadership without His approval you could have effortlessly climbed to the highest point in our polity in the circumstance you emerged as the president of this potentially great country,' the group pointed out.