The Political Elite And The Underworld! 

By Dr Tosin Akindele

Recently, I had cause to release by sharing, a staggering list of real estate holdings of a goggle - eyed dwarf to the reading public.

The said retinue of landed properties which is in the order of hectares is not only in Lagos State of Nigeria but mostly on the IKOYI-VICTORIA ISLAND -LEKKI-EPE AXIS!

Notwithstanding the fact that the proptotic felon who owns these lands also extends his greed to other states of the South - West geopolitical zone of Nigeria, that Lagos state has very little land mass reveals this midget as a mindless character.

While this aberrant Homo Sapient can only lay false claims to being a true member of the genius expected to be most circumspect and inwardly reflective among the senior primates, his propensity to acquire vain and worldly materials is no less confounding than nauseating!

While I am aware of the fact that he may claim to have made his money before venturing into politics, that he covets land in such monumental proportions in a state bereft of land lays absolute credence to his selfishness and greed!

That a single person can scheme to covet such huge parcels of land in a state and a nation where tens of millions of people have no roofs over their heads is another pointer to the his subhuman nature.

As he used his office as the governor of the state and his position as a former holder of this office to effectuate this crime rather than use such powers to upgrade the lives of his people, we as discerning Nigerians must not lose sight of such abuse of office!

As he persists in using his political powers and influence to install whomever pleases his whim as governors and council leaders just so he can consolidate on the mindless theft of public properties and remove such rulers who are slow to do his bidding is yet another pointer to his idiocy.

We must however not lose sight of the possible alternative and complementing sources of this midget's riches: trafficking...human trafficking...organ harvesting and trafficking. These are the bricks and mortars of the art of earthly material acquisitions!

They own the cults! They are gangsters! They pocket the police! The customs! The immigration service! The judiciary! The military! Whomever they cannot pocket they kill! They venture into politics only after getting bored with all the buying and pocketing! !

The nouveau riche feel incomplete without going the rounds... diving into and investing in all of these, snuffing out the lives of people people who stand in their way!

And yet we go on social media and criticize them and do not get least not so often.

So who says there is no benevolence even in the underworld of the criminal....

Dr Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.