in 2019, Will Another Gov. Rochas Rule Imo?

Source: Prof. Protus Uzorma Nathan

The battle on who becomes the State Chief executive of Imo is on as some have gone into the political ring of pugilism to exercise their strength. Yes, major political actors are already in court challenging what they call manipulations of results. I am not competent to discuss issues that are in court already but I trust that those who want to rule at all cost are those who want to follow the path of Owelle Rochas ; as a result shall not be granted the opportunity. Those who manipulate results also are the ones who want to rule at all cost; they are the ones that we must be afraid of.

Gov. Rochas has done his best and will soon leave office but do we still need someone like him to continue in 2019? The problem of Imo in 2019 is not Uche Nwosu as some misguided people may erroneously presume. I have never seen Uche Nwosu as a problem at all as his time is yet to come. My fear is on those who now pretend to be better than Gov.Rochas, who nevertheless, may be worse than him if given the opportunity to govern Imo. They are the politicians who adorn themselves with red, green, yellow and black caps respectively.

One of them that is very popular in the manipulation of electoral results, who is often accused of stealing peoples mandates in every period of election, is said to be very pompous and arrogant. Though he is not loved by many as a result of his pomposity but he is now assumed to be a better evil. Now, he has already started like Owelle Rochas Okorocha in 2010. However, Rochas was able to hide his ignoble characters until he became a governor. Today, this same person has shown no respect for the elders of the land and thinks and behaves like someone who has already won Imo guber election. If Imo is handed over to him, he will be worse than Rochas Okorocha. I have spoken the very way I did in 2010 but my advice and admonitions were not heeded to.

A particular wise man was on his way to join a football training exercise when he came upon an old woman taking an evening stroll. He stopped and greeted her saying, “My daughter, how are you today? “Other people around him considered it funny and began to laugh. But the wise man told them, “The mind ages faster than the body. My body is younger but my mind is older than this grandmother”.

I am addressing Imolites with an advanced mind, the mind that ages faster than the body; and only those with wisdom will understand. Ever since Gov. Okorocha became the state chief Executive of Imo state, I have always asked God to give me faith to believe those things that are not real his administration wants to achieve. This reminds me of the German poet Heinrich Heine (1797-1856), while he was admiring the Cathedral of Cologne, said, “Our ancestors could build monuments like this Cathedral because they had faith, while we have only opinions, and with opinions cathedrals are not built.” With opinion that is not translated into reality Imo has become a beautiful egg with a rotten yoke. Imo must be fixed from 2019 if the right person is voted into power.

“What is the greatest thing I can give the world” asked a student of esoteric philosophy to his master “Love” replied the master. What greatest thing can the world give me the student further asked, the master look with profound interest replied, “Love”. The student continued, “Master, what greatest thing can I deny the world?” in equanimity the master replied, “Love”. The student laughed and finally asked his master, “What greatest thing can the world deny me? “Love” replied the master. We need a leader with the heart of love one who can understand and feel the pain of other and not a selfish and self-centered leader full of conceited propensity.

With love that is preached and practiced Imo will become a “full paradise”. A sophisticated security system can save you from the enemy you know. But for the political enemy you do not know; only God can save Imo people. May God save us from political enemies who pretend to be friends in sheep clothing who are now intending to come and govern us in 2019. Those who say “A” but mean “B”. Those who are taking our fundamental rights for a ride; the same is the man who always smiles but evil is in his heart. He who pretends to have given himself to rescue the poor, but now demanding to possess them in return; Imo people do not need such a person again at the Douglas House come 2019.

One wise man was in a particular state to visit a governor (not Okorocha). At a point, they started talking politics. The wise man said to the governor, “You now have all the money you want. Your big investments within a short period, countless assets, but I am happier and freer than you. It’s amazing that you have not stopped stealing public funds”. Watch your enemy Imo people but dread him more who has nothing else to lose. There are three basic movements of leadership. Firstly, a desire to serve others, secondly, a desire to serve others and oneself, thirdly, a desire to serve just oneself. Many leaders move from bottom to top, a few move from top to bottom; while the rest shuffle in-between.

Better it be said of you that you trusted in your neighbour but was betrayed to failure, rather than to say that your success was from an abiding distrust of other people. My advice to Imo people is, always trust what Gov. Okorocha tells you at least 70%. But when you want to cross-examine him, begin from 5% in the same vein, trust what these politicians are saying but do not believe them. Truth is no respecter of person. It respects only history. Unfortunately, history is a respecter of persons. People love the truth especially when it favours them.

Therefore, blessed are those who grumble in the safety of their homes but cannot voice out publicly against a leadership that has certainly proved to be a curse on the people nobody disturb them and they will have peace in the graveyard.

A man once went abroad on his travels, and when he came home he had wonderful tales to tell of the things he had done in foreign countries. Among other things, he said he had taken part in a jumping match at Rhodes, and had done a wonderful jump which no one could beat. “Just go to Rhodes and ask them” he said; everyone will tell you it’s true. But one of those who were listening said, “If you can jump as well as all that, we needn’t go to Rhodes to prove it. Let’s just imagine this is Rhodes for a minute and now- jump! All those who are promising us heaven on earth if elected should first of all reveal their true identity to us. From the past we can predict the future.

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