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2003 REEL AWARD Actress of the year, Stephanie Okereke, has parted ways with her footballer husband Chikelue Iloanusi and this is authoritative.
The marriage which was contracted traditionally sometime in 2004 is no more. We leant Exclusively that it packed up in January 2007.

And as to be expected, incredulous and salacious tales are now flying left, right and centre as to what exactly led to its collapse. An insider who drop hints however heaped the blame on the twosome, particulartly the groom. According to him Chikelue womanise, tells lies a lot and he is not focused. The problem with Stephanie, I thick that she is too opinionated and stubborn. Again we gathered that Stephanie's family never supported the marriage in the first place. And that now that it has crashed they are not happy, but have been telling her “we warn you” . Interestingly, their blame and misgiving not withstanding, Chikelue has allegedly been making peace overtures to Stephanie which we heard she is been rebuffing and has even vowed never again to co-habit with him as husband and wife.

Chikelue is in his 30's and from Abagana Anambra state an erstwhile member of the super eagle (Nigeria National team). He met Stphanie in Enugu in 2004. This was on the set of prince of ignorance. According to the actress, then, “it was love at first site”. But now she seems to know better, having not only backed out of their 3 years marriage but also allegedly vowing that its over” between them (both don't have any children between them)