By NBF News
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Acoalition of civil society organisations has warned against any attempt to remove the Speaker, Mr. Dimeji Bankole.

Addressing a press conference yesterday in Lagos, the coalition described the attempt to remove the Speaker by force as 'ill-timed, unwarranted, ill-advised, unacceptable and uncalled for,' saying 'there is nothing he has done during the course of his legislative duties to warrant such unpatriotic attempt.'

The Coordinator of the coalition, Razaq Olokooba, who addressed newsmen on behalf of other groups pointed out that 'the approach of the so called 'The Progressive' in the matter at hand was nothing short of blackmail,' stating that their real motives were to arm-twist the leadership of the House under Bankole for some undeserved opportunities.

'We believe that these disgruntled members are not representing the interest of their people. Rather, they are pursuing their interests which are financial,' the group alleged, while emphasising their preparedness to stop any anti-progressive and unpatriotic moves by any individuals or group of people who might want to derail the ongoing democratic process.

While throwing its weight behind the Speaker and the leadership of the House 'in their war against acts capable of milking the country dry and derailing the hard-earned democracy.'

The coalition, therefore, 'urged Nigerians to also assist in protecting the Speaker who has brought many unprecedented improvements in legislation and good governance to Nigeria against a cabal that was bent on stylishly looting the people's resources.'

The coalition also threatened to 'mobilize and storm the National Assembly to stop these retrogressive elements masquerading as progressives to stop their dastardly, retrogressive and devilish plot,' assuring that 'this insignificant minority in the House would be stopped in their reactionary, devilish and self- serving campaign.'

The coalition also called on the security agencies to question 'these characters bent on causing instability in the polity for their selfish ends,' just as it charged the House to rise up to the challenge of checkmating this insignificant few.