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Contemporary Feminism: Deficiencies In Conceptualization, Flaws In Formulation And Injustices In Application.

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Over the past two weeks, in two of my articles entitled “Refuting Feminism on Classical Grounds” and “Feminists: Why impose qualifications for marriage based on age?” I have argued that the contemporary feminism; far from being a war on liberty is nothing but a misguided ideology and a misleading movement – right from the conception of the idea down to its application. As I draw together the themes of my arguments in this article, I would be issuing challenges to the feminist movements to make radical alterations in their approach and attitudes and also temper their optimism for gender equality with considerable degree of caution by putting into consideration other people’s right as feminism today is taken to extreme level.

We would learn a lot more about the real underlying principle of feminism by referring back to history. After the abolishment of slavery, the labour provided by slaves (both males and females) needs to be done by the slave owners themselves or by hired labourers which is cost implicative, all the free non-consensual sex they had with the female slaves ended; therefore there is need to figure a way of coercing women to willingly work so as to add to the work force and deluded them that selling out nudity is fashion through creation of entertainment industries. Similarly, shortly after the First World War, the shortage of male labour provided the advances in compelling women to work and mingle with men in farms, industries and offices. They always cry out loud that women are not empowered hence, they advocate women empowerment so that the woman can take control over when, whether and how many children she's going to have, but is that true? Is the economic status and self-satisfaction of a woman's basic needs their actual motive behind the campaign? Or they get them out and about working so as not to fulfil their responsibilities of providing for them. I am not outwardly rejecting women empowerment in its totality, but I am however of the ideology that women should work only in extreme circumstances when there is no one else to provide for them not because they are weak but because they are special, valuable and they deserved to be provided for. As a daughter, it should be the responsibility of her father to provide her with all her needs, as a wife it should be the responsibility of her husband and that of her children as a mother. Islam deemed it mandatory for a woman to go out and work in extreme circumstances so as to fend for herself than to go around begging as some people can take advantage of that and exploit her condition into luring her to commit adultery or fornication.

It is striking that women are used as mere tools in order to achieve certain goals in recent times. Think for a moment why they exploit the woman's body to promote commodities even if it is a kind of detergent, fruits, cigarettes or electronics in order to coerce people to buy such products, they use the voice of women in electronic devices for giving instructions, they use women in stripper clubs, cheerleading in sports events, often use women as waitresses, hostesses etc. The reason can only be understood clearly when we look at phenomena like the use of regulatory techniques employed by social animals.

In insects, many of the disciplined social activities are believed to be regulated by substances such as trail factors and alarm substances which always act as sex attractants. It is easy to get the colony in order by the use of such substances, so the queen applied these techniques to get the soldiers protect the colony, the workers to provide and serve the colony, the nurses to take care of the young while she enjoy her throne, produce eggs and get fertilized by the male insects which in most cases die immediately after the intercourse as in the case of male praying mantis. An analogy of this can be seen in humans today where people are controlled and brainwashed using women as sex attractants; they compelled women to roam about naked. In fact these people use the woman’s body to achieve their caprices, please their sex appeal and satisfy their sexual gratifications. Those women who work in such fields are mere agents and they are not as responsible as those that put them in such roles because they are enforced to work in these fields out of want, temptation or misguidance.

One would wonder why feminists always campaign against the role of women in marriage, institution of family, child bearing and bringing up the children; some went extra miles to formulate birth control pills, abortion pills and recently pregnancy vaccines are currently being tested as some of the contraceptives proved ineffective in controlling birth, well, here is the explanation. It is an analogy of the use of pheromones by the queen bee to control birth in other members of her colony. The queen bee has absolute control of her colony, she gets all the advantages other members don’t usually get, and they serve and protect her. In return she laid eggs that would be hatched to increase population of the colony. So, these benefits would only be offered to the queen bee because of her unique function – producing eggs. If other members of the colony would also produce eggs, they would be treated in similar manner as the queen, which will eventually end her monopoly in the control and leadership of the colony. In order not to lose that, the queen bee secretes a class of hormone called pheromone which acts on other members of the colony. The pheromone, 9-ketodecanoic acid secreted by the mandibular glands of the queen inhibits the development of ovaries in worker bees and also restricts them from constructing royal cells for the rearing of new queens.

Furthermore, feminists publish the statistics of girls married under 18 years and those that have no access to family planning or contraceptives; but they never bothered to share how many of such girls under 18 years that are engaged in premarital sexual intercourse – be it consensual or otherwise in schools, playgrounds, at parties, after movies etc. If there is freedom of consensual sex below 18, there should be freedom of consensual marriage below 18. They never bother to mention how many of those minor girls get pregnant as a result of such intercourse and how many died in the process of aborting such unwanted extra-marital pregnancies. They never care to share how many died as a result of the side effects of those abortion pills, family planning drugs and contraceptives.

They speak loosely of pregnancy and child birth as the cause of death of teenage girls and babies born to these teenage girls, they don’t have in mind the notion of multiple causes of death. The actual cause of death may be quite specific but if it had not been this particular cause today, it would have been something else tomorrow. They always cite examples with the likes of India, Nigeria and other developing nations as having most cases of child mortality at birth as a result of teenage girls aged 15 – 19 having babies; perhaps there is a paradox because they yet keep announcing that the population of such countries is on the increase and even project statistics of overpopulation in years to come.

These feminists always cry out loud that women are discriminated sexually, that they are not afforded marital consent or sexual consent when they are married off at young ages because of religious constraints; but such people failed to realise that in Islam for example, it is mandatory to seek the consent of a girl before giving her hands out in marriage and her approval is needed before establishment of the marriage.

In conclusion, there is no reason at all as to why one should single out a specific gender and form a right activists group claiming to fight for their freedom or to enshrine equality, because in doing so, it is a direct indictment on the other gender. Every woman at a certain point in time is a daughter, sister, wife or mother to another man, if this fact is established; I don’t think any well-meaning reasonable man would oppress or infringe the right of a woman he is having such relationship with. Therefore, the feminism which demonizes men, which has imbibed a culture of entitlement, the feminism which want equality not equity of privileges and the feminism which does not want equity of reciprocal and complementary responsibilities rather prefer equality of responsibilities, is to be discouraged by women themselves as in the long run, it will do more harm than good to the feminine gender.

Muhammad Muawiya Alkali Writes from MAUTECH, Yola Email: [email protected] Twitter: @mm_alkali

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