Another Twist By Boko Haram Insurgents; The End To The Insurgency As Envisaged Is Yet To Be Sighted 


Since 2009 to date Borno State and indeed the other States in the Northeast region have witnessed several and series of destruction ranging from lost of lives, properties, displacement of millions of people from their ancestral homes due to the complete occupation of communities including Local Government Headquarters were occupied by Boko Haram insurgents for several months before its liberation by our gallant soldiers.

Successive achievement in the fight against the insurgency has been tremendously recorded over time but it seems the end to it as ordinary man on the street envisaged is yet to be sighted by the same common man. The return of peace to the common man is to do farming activities during raining season and dry farming as well travel from one town to another for market and other activities.

In the recent times, it seem the insurgents activities is on the increase, particularly considering what has happened within last week where we witnessed the killing of Hauwa Liman a 29 year aid worker with ICRC, the attack of Nganzai on Friday, Mairari and other adjoining villages in Jere LGA just few Kilometers away from the State Capital and slaughtering of over 12 farmers, 17 kilometers away from Maiduguri after molai along Damboa Maiduguri road Saturday morning.

These farmers have nothing except their labour power and some of them were hired on daily pay in order to meet the need of their families but were killed by the insurgents. What a pity!

This precarious situations we found ourselves calls for us to be more vigilante and report any suspicious movement to the Law enforcement agents at any point in time to avoid loss of lives and properties. We shouldn't relent our efforts under the pretext that complete normalcy has returned and that we are to leave as usual until and unless it is seen on ground convincingly beyond reasonable doubt by the grace of Allah - a right path of complementing the efforts of our gallants soldiers.

I wish to extend my heartfelt sympathy to the families of the bereaved, may Allah give them the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss ameen.

In the same vein may Allah bring a lasting peace to our State and the country Nigeria ameen.