By Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

It's now almost two years since I wrote the November 2008 article titled 'Amaechi: Turning Rivers State Into One big heap of Construction Site' in commemoration of the one year anniversary of the Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi led administration in Rivers State. I find it therefore expedient to review that article resulting in this latest treatise with the main thrust of being a critical examination to see whether by way of massive construction efforts of the Governor he has succeeded in justifying his mandate and by so doing earning the right to a second term bid for office.

For avoidance of doubt particularly by those that may be reading this attempt from outside Nigeria; Rivers State is one of Nigeria's 36 States which was created on May 27, 1967 by a Military Decree during the regime of General Yakubu Gowon as Head of State. The State is the heart of the hydrocarbon industry and is responsible for a huge chunk of the nation's foreign exchange earnings. The status of Rivers State in terms of its strategic importance and significance to the nation's economy earned it the name, Treasure Base of the Nation. Port Harcourt is the State capital and is known throughout Nigeria as the Garden City, because of its beautiful layout and topography.

Since its creation the state has been led by leaders from the then first Military Administrator of the State, Navy Commander Alfred P. Diete-Spiff, credited with creating the revolutionary landmarks the state maintains uptil date. subsequent State leaders although astute in their own right did little or nothing to move the State forward until 26th October, 2007 when another revolutionist Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi the subject matter of this treatise found himself at the helms of affairs in the State by a judiciary fiat of the Supreme Court nullifying the candidacy of Mr Celestine Omehia who hitherto had unjustifiably contested the Election in Amaechi's stead.

In defining his mission and vision in a well-publicized event this enigma of a politician presented this as his mission in Rivers Sate “Our mission is to serve our people with humility and render transparent and accountable stewardship anchored on integrity and good governance. We shall use our God given resources to improve the quality of life of our people and future generations, and empower our people in a peaceful just and harmonious society under God”.

To appreciate how much this young visionary leader has achieved, it becomes necessary to highlight the state of Rivers State prior to his assumption of office as Governor on 26th October, 2007.

During the eight years of the Odili's Administration and the ill-fated period of Omehia's tenure a good drive along most streets of the city by then became an expensive exercise and a nightmare due to the giant potholes that were evident along most streets in Port Harcourt. There was massive infrastructural decay. Pupils and students were made to study under harsh condition at times sitting under the bare floor to study. The Hospitals were mere consulting institutions and the workforce zeal was at the lowest ebb.

According to records, Port Harcourt that Amaechi inherited was more like a war zone or rather a jungle where the fittest determines the fate of the lesser animals. It sounds pretty surprising but not unexpected that the city of Port Harcourt, a once very glamorous city, has been ranked among the three most dangerous cities in the world. The human resources unit of New York-based Marsh & McLennan Cos. had ranked Port Harcourt with Baghdad, Yemen's capital of Sana'a and Khartoum in Sudan, as the world's most dangerous cities. Going by the ranking published by Bloomberg, Port Harcourt ranked with Baghdad as one of the world's most dangerous cities for foreign workers as criminal gangs and guerrillas seeking greater control of energy revenue step up attacks.

Ahamefula Ogbu a Journalist with Thisday Newspapers described one of the scenes in the State at this period in these words 'Rambo could not have done better. With automatic rifles in their hands and hate, revenge and murder hanging around their necks, warring cultists took Port Harcourt, Rivers State, by storm yesterday for the second day running. Pandemonium broke out as residents ran for safety. It was sorrow, tears and blood. At the end of it all—or, more aptly, at the interval, for no one knows the end yet—15 persons had been dispatched to their early graves' and true to this unsung prophet nobody knew the end as the next few days saw about eighty innocent souls wasted by an agitation uncommon to our people in the Niger Delta.

Okey Ndibe a respected opinion on national issues in Nigeria in his article during this period published in the Sahara Reporters one of the leading internet websites on Nigerian political activities titled 'a blood soaked city' described the happenings in Rivers State then in these words 'That the once idyllic Port Harcourt was now a scarred place, a war zone, a city soaked in blood; the city under siege with thousands of citizens displaced; that its once quiescent boulevards and avenues were now ruled by marauding militiamen and by the fierce soldiers deployed to dislodge them. Sudden death by bullet was now a generalized hazard for the city's trapped and hapless residents'.

Contributing, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark an elder statesman and a onetime Federal Minister of Information in the first Republic advocated that the only solution to the lingering security crisis in Rivers State 'I implored President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua not to dilly-dally in imposing a state of emergency on Rivers State, doing so would be tantamount to postponing the evil day' He continued '. Omehia was not fit to be governor of Rivers State in fact he is a major part of the problem and an unserious and insensitive personality; where is the seriousness in Omehia? If he is a serious governor or politician, why should he abandon Rivers State when the state was still boiling to go and take part in a birthday bash in Abuja for his godfather, Peter Odili? We can't fold our hands as elders, and continue watching situation degenerate."

The Action Congress (AC), in Rivers state under the leadership of its leader then, Prince Tonye Princewill was forced to ask Sir Celestine Omehia, to resign for being unable to curb the activities of cultists which thwarted peace and order in the state in the last few weeks.

According to newspaper reports, ' AC said on Sunday in Port Harcourt that the essence of governance at any level was to provide security for the people and that since Sir Celestine Omehia's assumption of office as the Governor of Rivers state on 29 May, 2007, the people of the state have never known any peace. According to the spokesperson of the party, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, from the very day the governor was to be sworn-in; the security situation in the state has been fragile till date. Said he, “today, the activities of cultists and militants in the state have not only crippled all activities both economic, social but residents are constantly living in perpetual fear”…Eze said the militants have graduated from hostage-taking, kidnapping of small kids, assassination of political opponents to the destruction of government property as was evident in Saturday's attacks on the NNPC mega station and the state's radio station…The report at our disposal indicates that about six policemen were killed in Saturday's attacks showing the unpreparedness of the police to curtail this onslaught on our people. About 30 people have been killed in the last few days in Port-Harcourt…Today, we wouldn't know the place to be attacked and who will be killed. That is our lot for injustice and rigging of election and perverting the will of the electorates thereby denying the righteous from ruling for the people to rejoice.”

According to Governor Amaechi, “When we took over the reins of governance in the State we met a situation where people were being given cash, but we decided to take the extreme position of not giving money to people, but doing projects that would impact positively on the lives of the majority of our people”.


To Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, governing Rivers State seems like a divine mission where tomorrow does not exist. He seems to be in a hurry to accomplish so many things within a short period. I will not like to bore the reader with the many projects the Governor has embarked upon as doing so will entail writing a book but I will in a summarized form highlight some in order to have the feeling of what this young visionary has done to building the new Rivers State of his dream. After constituting his Cabinet with men and women of integrity and seeing the decay in infrastructure in the State he commenced his task by initiating and signing into law, Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Agency Bill No. 3 of 2008, Sustainable Development Amendment Bill No. 1 of 2008, procurement public bill, Saving Public Fund Bill and even bill excluding the office of the Governor from signing and awarding of contracts. With these bills, the Governor gives an insight of the type of governance he intends to bequeath to the State – Governance imbedded in Accountability, service delivery orientated and government by the people and for the greater Rivers State. According to Rt. Hon. Amaechi, 'in order to lay a strong foundation for positive change in governance in the State, the administration has taken it upon itself to initiate very critical bills on fiscal responsibility to the State House of Assembly and virtually all of which have been passed into law and assented to by me. The Executive arm of government so far has credit for having at least 60 per cent of all bills passed by the House of Assembly, saying that virtually all the bills were designed to deal with the age long problem of financial irresponsibility and rascality and as far as the existing laws on fiscal responsibility are concerned, anyone in government who tries to have an over sight of the due process mechanism in the State would surely run into problems'.

With projects such as the multi-billion naira Rumuwoji (Mile One) Market, the New Niger Hospital, the 50-bed hospital located inside the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST), Eleme Junction Fly-Over which all located within the state capital and are already functional, pinning down the achievements of the Governor to one main project is like looking for a pin in a haystack the reason being that his strides cut across all sectors. In the area of education, the Amaechi-led Government has completely taken over the payment of salaries of primary school and junior school teachers, which was ab-initio the responsibility of the local government councils. It costs the state government N800 million monthly to pay the salaries of the primary school teachers. The government is building 350 primary schools each of which has 20 classrooms and will cost N3.1billion each. It is also building 23 secondary schools across the 23 local government councils in the state. It is on record most these structures are completed. The Governor knew what his mission is, “We knew that the problem of the state was basically education, the state of our quality of education was abysmal and we knew that the quality can only improve if we take over primary education”, the governor emphasized, as he expressed concern over what local government councils were doing with the money meant for that”.

The government is currently running free primary education with free books and uniform with provisions of library and internet facilities for the primary schools. The government has acquired 150 hectres of land to relocate the premier University of Technology in Nigeria; the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST), to a bigger and better permanent site. The new site is expected to have facilities that will accommodate no fewer than 50,000 students. The Rivers State Government has been adjudged the best performing state in the Education sector within the South-South zone. In recognition of this the Federal Ministry of Education has rewarded the state with the sum of N70 million for its performance. Due Process procedure has been complied with in respect to the furnishing of the model primary schools as well as completed Health Centres, noting that they would be furnished soon.

Given the importance of the health sector in any given community, the Amaechi's administration has completed about 100 out of the 150 health centres being built by the state government across the state at the cost of about N3billion. Each of the health centres will have ambulances and state-of-the-art medical equipment. About 200 medical doctors have being recruited to man these hospitals.

However, due to the threats of ocean surge and the loss of its lands to tidal waves and erosion, the state government decided to reclaim the lands first. The land reclamation exercise is going on in Buguma while the contract for similar exercise in Abalama was signed some few months ago. Also, the administration is reclaiming land in Andoni while the land reclamation exercise in Opobo alone costs about N3billion. It is worthy of note that the land being reclaimed in Opobo is bigger than Opobo town itself.

Already, 376 communities across the state have been earmarked for electrification. Based on his promise to consolidate on the power programmes of his predecessor, Governor Amaechi has ordered for additional equipments and contracted expert vendors for the completion of the moribund turbines such as Trans-Amadi Gas Turbine and Eleme Gas Turbine projects for effective power supply in the state. Also, additional feeder stations are being completed in places hitherto without power supply.

The New Rainbow Town is a Fifty Billion Naira housing project, which includes cost of land, infrastructural provision, structural inputs and the cost. The financing of the project was done through a unique and innovative Private Public Partnership (PPP), which involves the Rivers State Government and First Bank PLC. While First Bank is the Private Sector Partner (PSP), through a special project vehicle (SPV) company that owns and holds the assets of the project, City Scape International Limited, a real estate provider is the project developers of the New Rainbow Town.

While the Rivers State government is paying 20 percent of the total sum, First Bank PLC will foot the remaining 80 percent. The New Rainbow Town, which took its name from the demolished shanty Rainbow Town that was initially occupied by miscreants, is occupying a 32.42 Hectare of land. It is a fully integrated 840 Unit Community Housing / Commercial Scheme. In addition to the various types of accommodation being provided at the New Rainbow City, the project also boost of an office, a large shopping mall, an educational centre and a clinic.

While the old site of the UPTH will now accommodate a 17-storey hospital, the Obi Wali Integrated Cultural Centre, located along Abbonema Wharf Road has already been taken over by the Silver Bird Group, who built ultra-modern Cinemas there. The state government, having acquired and demolished adjourning buildings to the Cultural Centre, located along Bonny Street intends to build a world-class cultural centre there.

The Governor has to the credit of his administration, several infrastructural development in the different sectors of the state and they include the ongoing construction and commissioning of projects as well as the introduction of modern urbanization initiatives i.e 200 link roads, 105 Health Centers, over 300 model schools, upgrade of refuse disposal, urban renewal, upgrade of security outfits, Private Public Partnership Initiatives, dualisation of eight major roads in Port Harcourt – Rumola-Rumuokuta (completed), Oginigba-Rumuokbiakani Rd (completed), Eastern by pass-Amadi Amaa-Oginigba (reconstruction completed), Old Aba Road (80% completed), Elekahia-Rumuomasi (70% completed), Rumuokuta- NTA-Choba Rd (60& completed), Tam David-West Rd (80% completed), d mega-Airport-Isiokpo-Omerelu dualisation (42km Federal Rd, 50% completed), Rumukurusi-Eneka-Igwuruta Rd (ongoing), award of 850 km of roads, completion of 260km of roads. Two overhead bridges completed, two under construction, four bridges completed and four under construction. It is to the credit of this administration that very soon communities in the Riverine Areas hitherto inaccessible by road will be linked to the road network.

The SSG Mr. Abe Magnus expanding on the vision of this administration stated, “As part of its tenure strategy, this Government sees the whole of Rivers state as one big family in need of urgent attention. The onus is on us as a responsible government to ensure the provision of basic infrastructure in every community in the state irrespective of whether they have representation on the State Cabinet”.

President Jonathan Goodluck had during his visit to the State commissioned some of these projects including the Port Harcourt – Owerri Road a Federal Government Road constructed by the Rivers State Government to ease the suffering of commuters at N45B, lay the foundation of the Adokie Amiesiemaka Stadium that will host the forthcoming National Sports Festival that will be hosted by the Rivers State Government this year, lay the foundation of the Rivers State Monorail Initiative that is intended to revolutionize transportation in Rivers State and a challenge to other States of the federation, the commissioning of the Trans Amadi based Gas Turbine. This GT project has been upgraded and is being managed through the State Independent Power Project's (IPP) among other projects.

The State Government has paid the sum of 11 billion out of 60 billion Naira meant for the monorail project under the Public Private Partnership {PPP) to ensure effective management. The government as part of efforts to create employment and boost the economy of the state has concluded arrangement with two foreign firms to open two new oil palm farms in the state where 60 per cent of the shares for the farms would be sold to Rivers people.

Other projects in the pipeline include the Scrap to Wealth plant established at Kira-Tai which will be functional before the end of the year. The Greater Port Harcourt project is ongoing. PHCN has been tasked with the distribution of electricity generated from the State Independent Power Project's (IPP) Gas Turbine located in Trans Amdi axis in the Port Harcourt metropolis. The Government is not relenting as it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the United Nations Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) to embark upon water project under which water would be made available to every home in the state before the end of the year to add to the already 260 mega watts of power so far generated for the citizenry in Rivers State. The ICT Scheme recently commissioned is expected to link all primary schools and health centres in the state. The State government is currently sourcing for funds to embark on a six lane road project at the cost of N59 billion while the Monorail transport system would also gulp huge sums of money to deliver which on completion would help in decongesting traffic in the state capital.

Amaechi's Administration has hosted major events to sell Rivers State to the outside world than all the States in the Federation put together – he hosted the ION Film Festival where the world best Film Producers were feted with the hospitality of Rivers State, he hosted Miss ECOWAS Pageant, Garden City Literary Festival, the recent concluded Guild of Editors, Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP), a trade delegation from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on an enlighten mission for private companies within the South-South zone on how to access business opportunities available within the ECOWAS sub-region amomg many other major events hosted by the Rivers State Government.

The Deputy Speaker of Ugandan Parliament and Chairperson of CWP Hon Rebecca Kadaga, lauded the developmental efforts and policies of Governor Amaechi especially those geared towards improving the lot of children and women, saying that the issues already canvassed confirm that what the CWP was set to achieve are already in place in Rivers State.

In blazing the Town Hall Meeting trail in the state, he has eschewed the myth of a hidden agenda, by offering himself up for scrutiny, and by so doing showing transparency in government and according to the Chief of Field Office, UNICEF A field, Enugu, Mrs. Pelucy Ntambirweki, I am delight on the state government's town hall meeting initiative as it promotes transparency, accountability and inclusiveness of the populace'' in the State. The Governor of Rivers State, Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, said the town hall meetings and provision of needed projects and infrastructure were not geared towards popularizing him but designed by government to be abreast of the views of the people of the state to achieve effective governance,

President Goodluck Jonathan during his recent visit to the State eulogized the Governor of Rivers State over his vision in the choice of projects that impacted positively on the people. President Jonathan hinted that the several road networks embarked upon by the Rivers State Government and the Monorail transport system planned by the government has significantly shown that the state is moving ahead, “beside the road network, I want to commend Governor Amaechi on the three major projects, the quality of Primary and Secondary Schools that we saw, as well as the Power Project that would aid Small Business Enterprises”. He noted that the state government's vision for younger ones remain a welcome development and the commitment to the provision of power cannot be overemphasized but requires assistance from the federal government to actualize the target.

The Governor not impressed with all the kudos to him stated, “in fact, said it is the responsibility of government to provide social amenities for the people of the state, that it was wrong for the masses to dance and rejoice over the existence of a particular social infrastructure, that the people who voted them into power deserved the best.”

Rivers State Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi has emerged Leadership Newspaper's Governor of the year – 2009, for his all round outstanding achievements since assumption of office in 2007.

This is the 3rd Governor of the Year Award Governor Amaechi is receiving since 2007, having won The Sun Newspaper Man of the Year Award in 2007, and The Compass Newspaper Award for Security in 2008.

The Governor of the year 2009 Award was presented to Governor Amaechi at the 'Leadership Award for Excellence – 2009' chaired by former Head of State of Nigeria, General Abdulsalami Abubakar (Rtd) in Abuja

In a citation read by the organizers of the event before the presentation of the award, the leadership Newspaper extolled the sterling qualities, administrative acumen and great achievements of Governor Amaechi, stressing that the award was being presented to him,” for showing selflessness, in leadership, for delivering infrastructure renovation in Rivers State and accountability in governance”

According to them, the award was being given to Governor Amaechi “in recognition of the fact that at a time the other governors in Nigeria are being accused of tampering with Local Government funds – which is an impeachable offence, Governor Amaechi is probably the only governor in Nigeria who has taken over the funding of primary education and Primary Healthcare services which has been the responsibility of the Local Government”.

Reacting to this, Prince Tonye Princewill Political Associates in a statement stated, 'we wish to join other indigenes, friends and stakeholders in the state to congratulate His Excellency for this well deserved honour. We also commend the management of the Leadership Newspapers for reiterating its commitment to social responsibility by its decision to acknowledge the trail blazing efforts of the Governor, in his continued drive to ensure equitable access to the dividends of democracy to all and sundry across the 23 LGAs in the state. The conferment of this award has further justified our resolve to continue to support the Governor as he continues in his commitment towards building a virile, vibrant and egalitarian Rivers State. The past two years have seen the state evolve from a state fraught with uncertainties resulting from the siege of militancy and other criminal activities resulting in a state of emergency which brought the state economy to its knees with a mass exodus of major investors in the state especially in the oil and gas sector which is the major economic bedrock of the state. Today commerce is gaining ground with Port Harcourt reclaiming the top spot of the entertainment capital of the Nation.

As he continues to break new grounds all with the objective of a better life for the people of the state we the Political Associates of Prince Tonye Princewill heartily congratulate him on this day whilst wishing him more fruitful years ahead of service to the State and humanity.”

That the Governor based on some of the above remarkable feats is under pressure to contest to continue with these good works and improve on them is like saying that Diete-Spiff is the father of the old Rivers State while Amaechi is the father of the new Rivers State. All the same the Governor attests to this when he told some Journalists in Port Harcourt, “Yes, I am already under pressure from politicians to contest again. I can give you my phone to read some text messages. An ambassador sent me a text, accusing me of saying that I won't go for a second term. He said he used to have a lot of respect for me, but when he heard that I am not running for a second term, he was disappointed. There was a text from another young man, saying I shouldn't say that. So, because of the pressure from people, I am trying to moderate it. In fact, the decision this morning (on Friday) was that I should not say it again. I am trying not to say it, but the truth is that I am tired. You are a free man; I am not. Going by the pressure, if it continues, I will run; if it does not continue, then I won't run. But the pressure is there; so, I will keep things open. I am not among those, who would call people to come and sing, for me to run for a second term. I am among those who believe people should do their bit and get out. Let me read one of the messages: "My Governor, what is this talk about you not seeking a second term? From my heart, and the hearts of a plethora of Rivers' people, with whom I fully interact, we urge you to rescind your decision. We are not unmindful of the pressures you daily bear. Four years is ample time, but because of where we were in October 2007, four years is just like scratching the surface. If I run in the AC (Action Congress), I will win. Is there any party called UNPP? If I run on that platform, I will win. With all sense of humility and modesty, I am sure this will be the first time people will see a governor engage in so many antagonistic things, and at the same time he is popular”.

Lucky Omewewie who never voted since he became an adult stated that come 2011 or 2012, as the case may be, he and his family would cast their votes for Amaechi for the ordinary reason that Amaechi remembered that God-forsaken community. He said that Amaechi should not bother to campaign in the Acho Wobo close.

Mrs. Charity Harry, a pupil teacher at St. Paul's Primary School, Diobu, Garrison in Port Harcourt, Since Amaechi took over governance, payment of salaries had been regular. (2) Amaechi had started renovation of classrooms, and provision of teaching materials. (3) That these days, Amaechi sometimes could mysteriously appear in school early in the morning.

To Tonye Princewill his associate and close pal “Let the Governor ensure the completion of projects he initiated and put them into use rather than listening to sycophancies who may want to cajole him into running for second tenure. If he completes these projects, provide facilities for them, equip the schools and hospitals built with needed qualified personnel while the roads need maintenance the people would want him back in 2011.For me me,2011 is still far for him to take any decision''

Apart from the governor, who feels he has done well within the past two and half years, the State House of Assembly has also given him kudos as it handed a vote of confidence on him. The lawmakers had on during his recent birthday event drummed support for Amaechi and asked him to go for a second term based on his achievements particularly in infrastructural development. Specifically, the Speaker of the House, Mr. Tonye Harry, noted that the governor had served the people well, adding that in spite of his vacillation on a second term, the Assembly would ask him to consider the wishes of the majority of the people. This, according to him, will allow him (Amaechi) to consolidate on the achievements on the ground. Describing the governor as someone that is cherished for his courage and determination to touch lives, Harry implored him not to reject the call for a second term. Harry added that apart from embarking on developmental projects in the state capital, the rural areas had also enjoyed a fair share of government presence.

To Prof. Tam David-West, “If you compare the administration of Odili and that of Amaechi, you will agree with me that the present administration under Amaechi has done in two years far more than what Odili did in eight years. I will elaborate on this in the article I will soon publish on Amaechi entitled “Amaechi, So Far So Good”

To Chief Godspower U. Ake the State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State, “the performance of the State Governor Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has exceeded my expectations and that of the Party in just a few years in office and should be encouraged to go for second tenure”.

To an American based Nigerian businessman Dr. Menkem Onyia, the Rivers State Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is a key instrument in the development of democracy and good governance in Nigeria and as one unique Nigerian that can transform Rivers State and Nigeria at large emphasizing that “Rotimi as I prefer to call him is one of the unique human beings you can ever meet in the world, “as far as I am concerned, His Excellency is a saint brought here in the form of a human being” stressing that he was passionate about the leadership qualities of the governor”

Pastor Etete remarked that there was nothing more excellent than appreciating commitment in service to the people and stressed the need for the entire Rivers State people to give maximum support to Amaechi-led administration so as to benefit from many packages.

To Governor Shekarau of Kano State who was in the State to witness some of the great feats of Amaechi remarked, “I feel highly fulfilled by coming here today to hear and see the dividends of democracy, as I urge Governor Amaechi to build more of such schools which he described as vehicle for change. But for time, I would have borrowed a leaf from Amaechi by replicating the quality of schools I have seen here in his state, and urged Rivers people to continue to support the governor to do more.

On his second term bid, the governor declared that it was not an issue for now, remarking that he was still serving the people in his first tenure. He argued that it was not necessary to think about a second term, at least, when his first tenure was still running.

His Excellency Rt. Hon Chubuike Amaechi, Governor of Rivers State is an Achiever per excellence, a former speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly from 1999 - 2007, his humility and unrelenting focus is now known in Rivers State and across the nation to be legendary, a true Democrat, an impeccable character in our society, a committed Leader.

Within the past two years plus, the administration of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi has touched on all aspects that affect the living standard of the people of Rivers State positively. It is the dream of all and sundry that the Ubima-born reformer continues with that tempo and for the people of Rivers State and beyond to pressure on him to offer himself for more service to our State by contesting the next election in the State

Eze Chukwuemeka Eze is a Media Consultant based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State