imo Politics And My Odyssey As A Critic

Source: Prof. Protus Nathan Uzorma

The world is full of evil and wickedness that is why the best in our midst can’t be celebrated. The Holy Bible attests to this thus, “He was in the world and the world was made by Him, and the world knew him not” John 1:10. This biblical assertion affirms the fact that the world appears not to be interested in the things that could advance her.

This situation makes me very bilious and exasperated consequent upon the fact that the people we are fighting for appear not to be interested in the things we are saying. As a social critic, I am confident of the fact that one must at all times speak the truth without minding who is to be favoured by it. Yes, one who stands for the truth must say it without being reminded. I have remained unswerving and consistent in informing my society on the way forward since the year 2001.

The name (The Reformer-Protus Nathan Uzorma) has remained a household name not because of luxurious cum opulent or mundane acquisition, but it’s so because the Divine uses people to change situations of nations and the world at large.

The Reformer therefore is an instrument of change but the problem is that his admonitions are not taken and heeded on to. If my admonitions were to be taken, we will not be where we are by now in Imo and in Nigeria as well. I recall in 2010 I warned Imolites on the danger in voting in Chief Rochas into the executive office of a governor. Many called me names and consequently abused me but today, I am not only justified but regarded as a political Nostradamus and prophet.

The story continued to 2015 and the game assumed a different dimension. My position as a strong critic has exposed me to numerous dangers to the extent that I turned down a commissionership offer. My position on Chief Ikedi Ohakim’s administration from 2007 to 2011 is still there on the archives. But we know in two evils there is a lesser one; Chief Ohakim became the lesser evil that is today celebrated in Imo as the position of the former President Obasanjo of a big thief cannot be dismissed and remains very fresh on our minds.

As a religious, political, social and philosophical critic and scholar, I have remained resolute and stanch on my position of giving my state and nation a sense of good direction in almost all facets of her life; the same has attracted intimidation, kidnapping of my lovely wife, and too many attempt of assassination on me that claimed so many lives in my house. I am still not dissuaded and deterred. No price could be much in saving a sinking state or nation; all hands must be on deck. But is very annoying and discouraging that some people are not following the proper direction; though Jesus found himself in this same state of quackmire and he concluded thus, “This is the condemnation that light has come into the world but men love darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil” John 3:19

The people of the world love darkness rather than light, though I am certain that there are a good number of people out there that desire the truth and they are the ones worth dying for. They are members of my constituency and I appreciate them all for being good ambassadors of democracy. However, there is an important area that I need to talk about that is, my warnings to APGA which has just manifested. I warned APGA to beware of the leaven of Okorocha, I did also warn that they should know that they are the awaiting time bomb. It has finally exploded and nobody wants to know. Money politics will destroy our nation if we don’t deal with it with utmost interest and concern.

As it stands now, nobody knows who the real candidate of APC is; in the same vein, nobody knows who the real candidate of PDP is as Senator Samdaddy is still accusing the flag bearer Rt. Hon. Emeka of manipulating the result. I think PDP appears to be more stable and matured in dealing with issues politically than other political parties. There is the rumor that Senator Hope Uzodimma is holding brief for owerri zone. Well, I want to infer here without any fear of contradiction that to give a monkey water with a banana looking cup is very easy but to retrieve the cup from the monkey may be a herculean and hectic task. This is where APC members from Owerri zone may be bamboozled. Politics in Nigerian context is manipulation upon manipulation. To trust a manipulator in the midst of manipulation is very difficult and almost impossible.

Yes, to trust a manipulator in the game of manipulation where he is a guru is like trusting the tortoise whose folk-tale history is replete with the propensity of subtlety of not applying it when the need arises. Owerri zone I humbly implore you to shine your eyes. If the rumor is true, and Senator Hope decides to ask, can one desire too much of a good thing? What will be the answer from Owerri zone? As for me, my moral answer is yes but those in politics bereft of morality will provide alternative answer.

I see most of our politicians as those in the business of yahoo, yahoo and until sanity is brought into our political system the evil ones shall continue to dominate.