Why Serial Rapists Except Blacks Get Away With Sexual Abuse

By Farouk Martins Aresa

Reporting sexual assault remains risky and cumbersome. A bold faced privileged liar could go on the offensive in front of those willing to believe him, against a truthful lady. Sexual exploitation has gone beyond anything most decent people could imagine. We are not talking about exploitation of ladies alone, the impunity extends to underage boys and girls by the most respected people in the communities is astounding: especially religious men.

Sexual abuse in Africa, even when not criminal but amoral, is punished at least, by public humiliation. Nevertheless, Africans have been abused for ages by many including so called men of God without any consequence. Abusers were above par, sent to “civilize” Africans and lead them into righteous path in the eyes of their Lord. Despite the fact that there are outrageous cries outside Africa and even with Pope’s apology, Africans remain in denial because of the stigma attached to sexual abuse.

However, outside Africa, black perpetrators of sex crimes especially outside their own community are not so privileged. While whites would even gain most conservative and religious votes despites sexual abuse, blacks might as well write their obituary or if lucky, spend good time in jail; no matter how weak the case against them. Vestiges of violent history of lynching black men based on just claims of looking at white women still remains. After all, sexual crimes have little sympathy within any African community.

This is why we know Bill Cosby would eventually be sent to jail, no matter what, as sacrifice to clean up the vices in the community. He strayed too far from his root and displayed hypocrisy against his people. Notably, they use his castigation against young blacks as reason to expose a previous case deposition to criminal liabilities. There are different standards for punishing blacks and privileged whites for the same crimes. Easier to make blacks scapegoats and a sacrifice for crimes everyone finds deplorable.

The pioneer of Playboy magazine died a natural death as a millionaire. By overbearing impunity these men, powerful or not, got away abusing subordinates under their trust. Their victims never attracted, wanted or encouraged their despicable acts. It soils most innocent men and put others squarely in the sphere of opportunists. Since the number of the opportunistic ladies that target innocent men are very small in proportion to the enormous abuse suffered by most ladies, it may not deserve critical investigation.

The worst sexual deviants are those within families. When a father felt entitled to sexually violate his own daughter. The fear of losing support, dislocating the family and disaffection may have given some of these men the impunity to try what they would kill outsiders for. It is difficult to understand how anyone can be sexually attracted to children you train and correct their behavior almost daily or weekly.

Sexual exploitation are generally between the powerful and his subordinates. We are now witnessing other abuses hardly contemplated. The drive to get sex by any means and perpetrate their criminal behavior on a class beyond their reach, influence or fancy but still convinced of their invincibility as privileged class; to satisfy their deviant sexual fantasy on those they can never be associated with.

Though sexual deviants are known to exert power over their victims, they know they have little power over others beyond reach but would use any means they could to get their way. A lady can seduce any man that falls for it but a man can also use chicanery or brute force into a woman by rape, a criminal behavior. There is a difference, defined by the criminal act of a little man on a powerful respectable lady.

However, there is also some compulsion to humiliate, ridicule or demean those they can never attract. As some men can have criminal intent to violently violate some superiors, some ladies without brow can also humiliate, demean and violate male counterparts. It may be harder to tell or complain that you have been violated by a weaker sex. The evidence needed may be more preponderance than that of a female victim.

Some Catholic priests are now coming out about abuse they endured during their training. They indicate that non-Catholics or Muslims are worse by statistics. Their lack of resistance then and resignation to keep quiet up to the present in order not to break the trust of the congregation speaks to what would otherwise be known as conspiracy. There was certain level of loyalty, not to bring any church into disrepute. Some of them might have also abuse altar boys or other priests in a conspiracy of vicious circle!

Until we realize that sexual deviants do not depend on advantageous relationship or power alone, it might be difficult to understand that perpetrators are not just criminals alone, many of them in the religious order or college fraternities use sex as a form of initiation. There lies the difficulty of exposing behaviors that turnout to be criminal later.

As more ladies enter the workforce, climb up the ladder , not only would we have more female bosses acting like men, we would have women by their share number intimidating men that are more powerful than them. Apart from competition for higher positions from equally lower positions between men and women, men can be displaced for favoring or being friendlier to other women. If he supports a lady other ladies disfavor, he may be gone when accused, even before completing an investigation.

What we have here are ladies less powerful than the men but can displace their own superior by bringing up charges of sexual harassment. Bear in mind that accusation is enough to soil the reputation of an innocent man. It has happened that even if he is exonerated of all charges, his chances of recovery on the job becomes dim. The employer would not risk another accusation, true or falls before letting him go.

It gets worse. There are cases where ladies are competing against one another for the same man, not only in the workplace but also inside a man’s home! A wife invited a longtime family friend (homewrecker) that always flirt with her husband to a party in their house. All the husband did at the party was flirt back. Their guest called the police that he grabbed her backside. He was escorted by police out of his own house in front of his family.

Man, be careful who you exchange that flirt with, you may end up in jail! The fact that this man was known as a respected fellow did not matter, they say all men do it until one is caught. Men also must be careful with those that would lure you into a trap to destroy you out of spite, jealousy and ridicule. It could be where that saying that hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

Anyone that thinks that every case would be like that in Rolling Stone in one of the United States universities where the accuser or accusers were later discovered to be false, should realize that is an exception. But then, we cannot blame any employer that wants to cover itself from liabilities in view of demonstrated abuse by many men, especially in the position of power or trust.

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