BBC launches The She Word- A new women's discussion TV programme

By BBC World Service International Publicity

September 29th:The She Word- a new pan African BBC discussion TV programme - launches today and will explore the life experiences of women in today’s Africa.

The new show will present stories told in an honest and engaging way. The She Word will ask questions like: what is special about being an African woman? Is an African woman understated? How do we break down gender stereotypes? Can we celebrate the successes of female entrepreneurs in a way that will inspire others?

Nisha Kapur, BBC Commissioning Editor, said:
“For the first time an international broadcaster is offering a pan African discussion programme targeted specifically at African women. Each edition will be hosted by a number of contributors across Africa - key influencers within their community and business. The common thread that links them is their fascinating stories and observations about life which everyone - women and men - can relate to.”

Audiences will see stories told in person, through films or via live broadcasts with one aim - to spark debate and discussion. Discussion will continue via social platforms after the show using #TheSheWord hashtag.