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Despite all the troubles that trailed her marriage,star actress Georgina Onuoha recently got married to America based Dr.Charles Ifeanyi Igwegbe. Georgina Onuoha,is still coping and moving on with the challenges of her life, and the joy of expecting her first baby.

In an exclusive interview with, she said it has been another new world of experience, and it has broaden her ideas of life.She explained that what she does not like about marriage is that her total freedom is gone,moreover her relationship with people and her social aspect of life has changed.About what she miss most about spinsterhood, she laughed and said all the freedom in the world.Her husband is based in America while she is based in Nigeria which means two homes, but she said it is not easy but all the same out of sight is not out of mind as shes been able to manage with the situation.On why the two of them are not living together, she explained, that they are two professionals coming from different works of life,since she is an actress and as well a student and her husband a physician, he can't just relocate or leave his job to settle back in Nigeria.For her she has to round up her studies before joining her husband in America.

Before concluding the interview with her we mentioned her sister-in-law Chinyere who raised so much dust over why Geogina cannot marry her brother.Georgina answered by saying whatever would be would be.When you are destined to be where you are,no man can change your destiny.

And no one can turn back the hands of time.Georgina believes that no matter what happens,time heals old wounds and she would definitely get to her destiny. when asked if she has become friends with her sister-in-law after the wedding, she said like Dennis Robin said time heals old wounds and that she did not feel like talking about her sister-in-laws issue for now.