2019: We'll Free Lagosians From Tinubu, APC's Grip -- ADP

By Action Democratic Party (ADP)
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The Action Democratic Party (ADP), Lagos State chapter, has reiterated it's commitment to free Lagosians from the grip of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and it's leader Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

ADP said that they are seriously disturbed by the unfavorable conditions of Lagosians who have continued to wallow in abject poverty due to lack of social amenities, enabling and friendly business environment which has made many of them not to benefit from the dividend of government but keeps paying taxes in one way or the other.

The party said that, a state with about N500b yearly IGR cannot boast of providing clean potable water for residents but instead charges levies on those with bore holes in their homes providing water for themselves.

The party in a statement issued on Saturday by its State Publicity Secretary, Prince Adelaja Adeoye, he said that it is sad that Lagos has continued to make international news in bad light, that if the state is not called the most dirtiest slum, it is called most stressful state for workers in Africa. These are as a result of inadequate amenities to support workers in the State, the party says it is wondering why the APC led government contiues to brag about Lagos being a mega city when major roads, public schools and public infrastructures are in state of comatose.

ADP said, despite the yearly allocations of billions of Naira for roads and other infrastructural developments, most of the outer and inner roads in the state are eye sore, impassable, with inferior construction for the few ones done. Housing deficits has continued to be on the rise, while the little constructed are not affordable by the common man.

The party said, the condition of teaching and learning in most of the public schools in the state are heart wrenching because, majority of residents now prefers to take their children to private schools due to the unimaginable fall in the standard and condition of public education in the state.

ADP accused the former governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu of being the main reason the state has continued to be held down, that instead of allowing his successor governors to work by providing social services to Lagosians, he is busy with politicalization and commercialization of the state for personal gain. The party said, he prefers to continue to impose governors and house of assembly members who can do his bidding to cover up all the frauds that has pilled up since their party took over powers in 1999.

ADP said, for instance, the Lekki toll gate being managed by the Lekki Concession Company (LCC) is a major public fraud that must be dismantled to free Lagosians from bondage, arguing that the concession is of no significant financial or social benefit to the state but to owner of the proxy money siphoning venture.

The party said, no man is above the law, asking the EFCC to look into the fraud, tax evasion and money laundering allegations of N150 billion levelled against Alpha Beta by its former MD, Dapo Apara, a company reportedly linked to the former Governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. ADP said, it is a complete rip off to charge in excess of 30% on all funds the private agent assisted the state to collect, that the main purpose was to plug leakages but ended up opening wider pipe of corruption in another form for the "smart crooks".

Stressing further, the party said it will work harder to present credible individuals with required leadership skill set, focusing on competence, capacity and character, whose aim will be to provide good services and purposeful leadership to all Lagosians in its forthcoming primary elections ahead of the 2019 elections.

The party said, the insinuation by some members of the ruling APC that its only Tinubu that will decide who becomes the next governor of Lagos State is just a "Mere Wishful Thinking", ADP said gone are the days when there was no alternative political party, noting that PDP is an appendage of the ruling APC in Lagos, assuring that ADP is the only available credible alternative political platform in the state with spread and structures in all wards waiting to rescue the people from the grip of those who only want to advance their political dynasty with no empathy for the suffering masses nor ability to provide welfare services for Lagosians.

Speaking on the rumor that the embattled governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode and other heavy weight politicians are likely to defect to ADP in the coming days, the party said as the only credible platform in the state, all Lagosians with the mind of making the state work for the benefit of common man are all welcome, that's it's doors are wide open provided that they will abide by the constitution and manifesto of the party.

The party said, there is no special preference for anyone in ADP because as a party that believes in the enthronement of internal democratic process, its aspirants will become candidates after going through direct primary election which will have the input of all financial and card carrying members of the party.

ADP said, they are putting all measures in place to achieve total victory at the 2019 general elections, thereby calling on all Lagosians to join and support them.

Prince Adelaja Adeoye
State Publicity Secretary
ADP Lagos.